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About Us


Waterfront Gourmet is Center City, Philadelphia’s favorite spot for creative and innovative twists on traditional sandwiches, delicious signature salads, gourmet paninis, freshly made healthy smoothies, and specialty coffee by bali espresso™.

Our menu creations are always prepared using locally sourced produce delivered fresh every day. You will love our many plant-based vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free menu offerings. We strive to only carry Non GMO products that are sustainably sourced from local farmers. Our healthy menu is bursting with uniquely inspired fusions of flavor, and our selections are constantly evolving to highlight the incredibly fresh ingredients we receive everyday.

If you’d like to take the Gourmet experience off of the Waterfront, we deliver catering all over center city Philadelphia. Our distinctive catering services are available for both corporate and private events.

Waterfront Gourmet’s mission is to serve organic, locally-sourced farm-fresh, sustainable food – That’s always fresh, always awesome.

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    Our menu is a living thing – which means that for it to thrive we have to pay it constant love and attention. We do this by making continuous improvements to invigorate our menu with new and satisfying combinations of flavor. When you pay us a visit, you’ll want to see your favorite on the menu – but there will be plenty of exciting and new creations for you to try as well.

    Catering: No event is too large or too small for Waterfront Gourmet’s catering team. Any event deserves a fresh and delicious menu. Whether you need to cater something as lowkey as a victory celebration for a Little League team or you want to impress the guests are your largest annual corporate event, Waterfront Gourmet’s world-class catering will bring you the fresh, healthy options bursting with flavor.


    Let’s talk about coffee

    bali espresso™

    At Waterfront Gourmet, every coffee bean we grind comes from bali espresso™. bali espresso™ is dedicated to bringing the unique flavors and spirit of island living to your table with their flavorful roasts. Their coffee is responsibly grown on family farms in Bali by local farmers and roasted right here in Philadelphia. When you order an espresso, Americano, or a black cup of joe at Waterfront Gourmet, know that it was brewed with the finest, freshest, responsibly sourced ingredients from Bali, Indonesia.

    The bali espresso™ coffee that we serve is dark roasted and 100% Arabica Premium coffee beans from a local farm in Bali, Indonesia. Details include:

    • Dark Roast
    • 100% Arabica
    • USDA Organic
    • Rainforest Alliance certified
    • 100% Bali Coffee Beans

    So, what does “Rainforest Alliance Certified” mean? A Rainforest Alliance Certified farm is one that complies with 10 standards set in place by the Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN). These standards include ecosystem conservation, wildlife protection, and fair treatment and good working conditions for workers.

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    Healthy eating transcends culture


    I was born and raised in Bali, Indonesia, where I studied food and hospitality. In 2001 I immigrated to the U.S. to immerse myself in the diverse food culture, and to pursue my dream. I’ve worked in the food industry to hone my craft ever since. Waterfront Gourmet is a passion of mine and a dream that became reality in early 2014. My vision for Waterfront Gourmet is to maintain an atmosphere of comfort – merging the elements of a cozy cafe, with top-quality deli cuisine. I strive to make sure that every sandwich I make takes something familiar and presents it to you in a new and exciting way. The combination of my technique and passion stirs together to create deli favorites that are a delicate blend of old and new. My menu will never be finished. Instead it’s always evolving and changing as I hone and perfect my craft.

    Our mission is to serve organic, locally-sourced farm-fresh, sustainable food.

    I hope you’ll come down, and have a bite with me.

    Thank you!