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5 Honest Tips for Finding an Awesome Office Catering Company

Office Catering Doesn’t Have to Be Boring (or Stressful) When You Follow This Advice


When it comes to office catering, you might find that most cafes and catering companies all offer the exact same setup and service. At least, on the surface it might seem that way. But there are amazing catering companies in Philly that provide some unique alternatives that employees will love.

Of course, we believe Waterfront Gourmet Cafe & Deli gives you the best office catering options in downtown Philadelphia. Our efforts to provide interesting catering have led to insight into what a caterer can do to set itself apart, and more importantly what customers should know to find these catering companies.

#1: Start with the Menu

Much of what you need to know about an office catering company can be found right on their menu. This will tell you if the company invested thought and detail into their office catering. A few things to look for are alternatives for dietary restrictions, an abundance of healthy options, interesting flavor combinations, and enough selection to vary your office catering.

As well, a quick glance at the menu can tell you if this office catering company is invested in food that tastes good, or simply food that is cost-effective.

#2: Look for Seasonal Specials and a Rotating Menu


When it comes to office catering, you want a go-to company that can handle events and employee lunches on a regular basis. However, that becomes tedious for you and employees when the same catering is provided week in and week out. Instead, you want to add in new alternatives and seasonal specials. A caterer that is constantly mixing up the menu, while keeping accessible favorites, is a winner.

#3: Advice with Planning and Delivery

Office catering should decrease stress and decisions regarding logistics, not augment both. An average catering company might leave questions of menu selection, delivery options, and planning to customers. Meanwhile, an outstanding catering company will offer these services upfront. If you are uncertain what menu options work well together or how much to order for a particular office event, you deserve a catering company that can help answer those questions and free your day to tackle other tasks.

#4: Ask About the Ingredients

Studies show that employees who eat right are more effective in the office than those who have bad dietary habits. Many workplaces have taken note and are dedicated to healthy catering options. To deliver on this employee initiative, it is vital to find a catering company that shares a commitment to healthful ingredients.

Today, a great office catering company should be aware of healthy options and clean eating. This means careful attention to the ingredients used in their wraps, sandwiches, dips, salads, and other menu options. Even when it comes to the cookies and other sweet treats, a caterer should be utilizing thoughtful alternatives and high-quality ingredients to deliver the best experience.


#5: Recommendations and Warnings Are Often Valid

The best place to locate or eliminate an office catering company is through reviews from other office managers and event planners. While one negative review might not be enough to avoid a caterer, if you are hearing the same assessment time and again, it is best to heed the advice. Alternatively, high praise is extremely valuable and shows that the caterer can deliver an excellent experience.

When asking for recommendations or opinions from past customers, make certain it is a fair comparison. Size of the lunch, location, and formality should be taken into account.

Ready to Book Non-Boring Office Catering?

The Waterfront Gourmet Cafe & Deli delivers interesting and high quality catering for each and every office event. Our reputation as a fantastic office catering company in central Philly is built on fantastic food and excellent service.

To have us caterer your next event, simply call (267)-797-2467. Or take a look at our catering menu and find out about seasonal specials on our website.

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