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A Little Taste of Everything for “Catering Near Me”

catering near me

For anyone out there who is set on finding “catering near me,” rest assured that we have a trick up our sleeves here at Waterfront Gourmet. Whether you knew it or not, we’re not just the area’s favorite local cafés in the best locations. We provide catering in Philadelphia, too, and if we do say so ourselves, it might just be the best.

Don’t take our word for it, though! Our many happy customers are a testament to our success. Here’s some of what we can offer you if you are looking to set your next event up with a catered solution.

More than the Best Catering in Philadelphia

We don’t claim the laurels of offering the best catering in Philadelphia. We like to think of ourselves as a full-service solution for all of your catering needs. When you cater an event, whether you need corporate catering or catering for a family dinner party at your home, you get a few bonuses that come with it.

First, you get to enjoy the experience of an event prepared and supplied by professionals, and when it comes to unique, original center city Philadelphia catering options, we are the authority. We take classic dishes and revitalize them with a twist or two. You might think you’ve seen it all, but we keep a trick or two up our sleeves when we prepare for an event.

Additionally, when you plan to have an event catered, professional catering services like ours can put time back in your busy schedule. Even when you aren’t tasked with planning an event for a family reunion or another big day, you have enough on your plate. We can help out, save you some time, and then replace that plate with a unique and original dish from our menu. If you’re looking for “catering near me,” you can’t do better!

How about Affordable Catering in Philadelphia

Another thing to keep in mind is that catering doesn’t just have the potential to save you time and make it easier for you to manage your responsibilities. Catering can also save you money, too.

A lot of people think of catering as just another expense, but the fact of the matter is that sometimes you get more than what you pay for. With a catering company like Waterfront Gourmet that cares so deeply about delicious, fresh food and customer service, that just can’t be anything other than the case.

Plus, we deliver all catered orders free! That’s just one more way we redefine affordable catering in Philadelphia.

At Any Time of Day!

Event planning respects no boundaries, and some events take place early in the morning whereas others go late into the night. We’re not just prepared to cater your early morning corporate meetings with breakfast catering, we’re also one of the Philadelphia wedding caterers you can rely on to deliver the goods even when the event runs late.

Not only do we offer such full-service catering services, but we are sure to prepare every dish freshly, the day of, for delivery. That means whether your event takes place early in the morning or late in the day, we will prepare it freshly before we deliver it.

We Cater All Events

A catering company in the Philadelphia area should also be prepared to cater to a number of different events, and we are more than proud to make the claim that we do.

Corporate events, weddings, family parties and holiday parties, barbecues and reunions, birthdays, graduations, and much, much more fall under the umbrella of the events we cater. In fact, it would be too limiting for us to create a list.

Instead, what you should do is figure out what event you need catered and then give us a call. Then we can work out a menu with you that will suit all of your guests. That’s how we’ll prove to you that no event is too large or too small – we do it all.

Everything is Always Fresh, Always Awesome

Additionally, everything we do at Waterfront Gourmet is “Always Fresh, Always Awesome.” Those are our defining words and we will keep to them. Not only do we prepare all of your food freshly the day of, but we will also work with you personally to come up with a menu that meets the needs of all of your guests.

That means if you have guests that have dietary restrictions or want to include menu items that are vegan, vegetarian, or even gluten-free, we can do that for you. All you have to do to come up with a completely unique menu is to get in touch with us and we’ll start putting together a plan.

The first step to that is getting in touch with us by one of our Philadelphia catering locations. Call off the search for “catering near me,” because you’ve found it. Call the one that is most convenient for you and get started planning your special event today!

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