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Benefits of a Spring Wedding with Wedding Catering and More

The weather during spring opens up a lot of opportunities for wedding day planning. The options for wedding catering services alone is reason enough to choose spring for your big day. Fall may be the most popular season for weddings, but choosing spring can be easier on a budget due to less demand while enjoying similar weather and brighter color pallets.

Bold Color Choices

Compared to the other seasons, spring has some of the boldest choices in color. Brides can choose more muted pastels or make a statement with bright hues. The flowers available during the springtime reflect those color choices, making it easy to add blasts of color throughout the wedding venue, both indoors and outside. It also creates more options for bridesmaid dresses.

Bridesmaids can choose full length or tea length dresses, depending on their comfort level. For springtime weddings, having mismatched lengths can look more aesthetic, opening the door for each person to choose the dress that they feel the best in. They can also choose sleeved or sleeveless since the weather will permit either.

Fresher Food and Flowers

Full-service catering during the springtime can be the best dining experience on your special day. From produce to flowers, a spring wedding has more freshness attached to it than the other seasons. Wedding catering doesn’t have to be traditional, especially during the spring. Having a food truck or finding a local company that offers wedding catering opens the door to all types of food. Sandwiches are becoming an increasingly popular option for weddings.

Trays with salads, salsa, cheese, hummus, veggies, and fruits are a great staple at a spring wedding. The food is fresh and reflects the season. Additionally, it’s convenient for food allergies and preferences. Having an array of options that guests can pick and choose on their own makes it easier for vegetarian and vegan diets, lactose intolerant, gluten allergies, and other specifications. Plus, it will open more options up for arrangements, which can be a simple and easy way to add decor to a lower budget.

Catering For Dietary Restrictions in Philadelphia

Casual Vibe

Something about a spring wedding feels more casual. When celebrating a new chapter in life with the people that matter, intimacy is encouraged through a casual tone. The wedding invitation should reflect how casual or dressed up the event will be since springtime weddings vary so much. Since the weather can vary from unseasonably warm to unseasonably cold with the threat of rain in either case, being more casual can make more sense.

Allowing guests to be as comfortable as possible will add to the festivities. Plus, having more flexibility in dress will allow them to dress appropriately for the day, despite how the weather turns out. With weather in mind, be sure to offer guests water for hot days and plan alternative options for rainy day weather. Having backup plans will make the day of the wedding go much more smoothly and guests will be grateful for your foresight.

More “Pop” in Decor

Since there are a lot of visual aspects to spring, there will be a lot more options in decorations for a spring wedding. From birds and nests to butterflies and gardens, the season boasts a broad spectrum in aesthetics that can match the personality and style of any couple. The colors add to how much pop or pizzaz can be added to a spring wedding. In 2019, the biggest color trends are peach, rose, and lavender with deep plums and blues often used in vintage themed weddings.

Quick Tips to Stay Under Budget at Springtime

Weddings don’t have to break the bank. Choosing spring for your wedding makes it easier to choose less costly options that don’t come off cheap.


  • Outdoor venue. For a spring wedding, it can cost more to add the outdoor elements associated with springtime, so outdoor venues make a lot of sense for a budget. This can save money on flowers and decor since the view and setting are more akin to the feel of spring than handmade decorations. However, be sure to have contingency plans for surprise weather.
  • Help over gifts. Rather than registering for gifts, ask your guests for help. If you have friends or family that are photographers or musicians, their services could save a ton of money. Crafty friends could help with decorations while others could help with ushering guests, putting together wedding favors, and other small tasks.
  • Keep it small. More intimate weddings are becoming more popular. Not only does it save money, but it gives a different vibe for the ceremony and reception. Rather than inviting every person you both know, carefully choose the people most important to you as a couple. The people at your wedding are helping set the tone for the next chapter in your life. Be thoughtful with who that includes.
  • Craft your own invites. It’s easier than ever to create your own invitations. There are services online that will let you download a template. Printing services may have simple invitations that you can customize by hand with glitter, doilies, and other small decorations. The handcrafted touch adds a personal touch while keeping the wedding under budget.


If you’re getting married in Philadelphia, the wedding catering options at Waterfront Gourmet can fit your budget and specifications. From cheese trays to sandwiches and options for breakfast menus, our options can fit the needs and atmosphere of weddings small to large. We can even customize your order to accommodate your guests.

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