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Breakfast Lovers Rejoice: Why a Healthy Breakfast Matters

It’s been said time and time again that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but as it turns out, there is a lot of truth to the old adage. It’s not just a pithy statement, those words are words to live by. Don’t just take them at face value, consider these facts from your favorite source for breakfast and breakfast catering in Philadelphia.

Interestingly enough, breakfast really may be the most important meal of the day. One of the most important benefits of breakfast is that it provides your body with the energy that you need to start your day. Between the time when you first wake up and you actually start your day, your metabolism is shifting and your body needs a surge in energy. A healthy breakfast will provide your body with the energy you need to get up and get going.

It’s understandable that a sudden spike in energy requirements makes a meal like breakfast important, but there is a bigger picture than simple energy intake. A well-balanced breakfast can also provide your body with many of the nutrients it needs that are necessary for long term health. Starting off with a breakfast that is rich in nutrients like iron, calcium, fiber, vitamins and even protein can set your health up for long term success.

The news keeps getting better and better, though. Not only does a healthy breakfast help kickstart your morning and make you feel awake by providing you with energy, but it can also impact your cognitive performance and diminish the effects of sleep inertia. If that sounds important, it is. Think about what happens after you wake up – more than half of the time, you’re probably going to work or school, and if you thought you needed your brain for that, you’d be right.

A balanced breakfast can help regulate and restore glucose levels in your blood, which is one of the most critical nutrients to cognitive performance. A healthy breakfast can improve your concentration, memory, and retrieval, and even critical thinking levels.

If that wasn’t enough, then keep in mind that a satisfied stomach can help uplift your mood and provide you with a general feeling of wellness, whereas going hungry can make you feel irritable, short-tempered, and unwell.

There’s also even some evidence that regularly taking breakfast can help with weight control and even weight loss. At the same time that it provides energy and restores glucose to the blood, a meal in the morning will help to get your metabolism going to help you burn off those calories efficiently and these effects will carry throughout the rest of the day.

The same evidence suggests that skipping breakfast can disrupt your body’s natural rhythm of intake and expenditure. By skipping breakfast you may actually be harming your body’s ability to balance the calories it takes in with the calories it should be burning.

We’re Your Source for Breakfast and Breakfast Catering in Philadelphia

Whether you were privy to these facts or have just heard about them for the first time, we’re glad to have provided them. We’re also proud to be your source for healthy, delicious breakfasts and breakfast catering in Philadelphia.

If there’s one thing we know how to do, it’s to create a menu that’s rife with fresh, delicious, unique breakfast offerings that our customers love. Regardless of what your tastes are, we cater to them, using fresh, healthy, locally sourced ingredients to complete our unique breakfast dishes.

Whether you’re a fan of sweet and savory, you’ll love the items on our breakfast menu and our breakfast catering menu. We offer a little bit of everything from classics like our Waterfront Breakfast Egg Sandwich to healthy dishes like our oatmeal with fresh-cut fruit including banana, strawberry, blueberry, and granola. For the more refined tastes, we offer selections like our Waterfront Lox, a piquant and delicious assortment of smoked salmon, onions, capers, cream cheese, and more, as well as elite items like our Whitefish Bagel. Replete with our smoked whitefish salad and graced by cream cheese, onions, and tomatoes on a bagel, it has no equal.

All of this comes in addition to our catering menu which is loaded with healthy, delicious trays of assorted breakfast pastries, bagels, and fresh-cut fruit alongside our distinguished bali bean coffee. With our breakfast items, you can have not only the health benefits of a balanced breakfast but satisfied and delighted taste buds as well!

Whether you’re interested in taking advantage of our catering services or just want to kickstart your day with some fresh, healthy breakfast items, get in touch with our team by contacting us at one of our open locations. We’re currently open and taking orders over the phone and online for pick up in-store, but we also offer free delivery in the local area. Contact us at our Penn’s Landing or Dilworth Plaza locations for information.

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