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Building a Catering Company in Philly that Cares

As a catering company in Philly, the local community is incredibly important to all of us at Waterfront Gourmet. We all call Philly home, and in return, many Philadelphia residents have found a second home at one of Waterfront Gourmet’s three locations. We have regulars that visit our cafes every day, and we are incredibly grateful for these relationships and the sense of community our cafes can bring to Philadelphia’s city center. However, the community we foster inside our delis and cafes inspires in us a desire to do more.


The Bigger Picture

From the start, Waterfront Gourmet recognized that it had more to offer the people of Philadelphia than wraps, salads, and sandwiches (good as these might be.) We feel that being a local business means reaching beyond our counters and doors to become a cafe and catering company in Philly that is involved and immersed in the issues and needs of the community.

As a business, we try to donate the two things most available to us: our time and our products. Whether we are called on to participate in a local event or provide catering for public service workers – Waterfront Gourmet does its best to help out! Our community involvement usually starts with catering local events and community initiatives, such as charity races and fundraisers.  We were recently involved with one of our favorite groups – REAKT

Delivery with REAKT

Waterfront Gourmet is proud to be a catering company in Philly that participates in REAKT’s regular days of outreach and acts of kindness. For those who aren’t familiar with REAKT, the acronym stands for Random Effective Acts of Kindness Together. The group’s mission is about more than simply offering volunteerism or support through organized activities, but encouraging all people to participate in random and effective acts of kindness through their own initiative to donate and reach out.  The final goal is to encourage everyone to think more about the needs of others around them.

The mission that fuels the creative and thoughtful acts of kindness performed by individuals in REAKT is one that the team at Waterfront Gourmet wholeheartedly supports, and we joined REAKT in mid-October to help them realize their goals. The random and effective act of kindness we undertook was handing out food to the homeless in central Philadelphia, and Waterfront Gourmet was lucky to be the catering company in Philly responsible for providing free sandwiches to this effort.

You Can Get Involved!

REAKT is open for anyone and everyone to become involved in giving back to the Philadelphia community – and beyond. If you are interested in learning more about their outreach and the days they promote random acts of kindness, you can find a list of days for this month and upcoming months on REAKT’s Facebook page. As a  team, all of us at  Waterfront Gourmet encourage you to join REAKT at a later date.

Also, as a top catering company in Philly, Waterfront Gourmet is always interested in new opportunities to participate in community events and outreach. Our goal is to find organizations or causes that truly make a difference in the Philadelphia community, and if you think we could help your organization are happy to have a conversation. Contact us via our website!

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