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Business Catering: 5 Tips for Putting Together a Great Business Breakfast

Develop a Good Approach To Business Catering


Office managers and event planners across Philadelphia are experienced with putting together the casual, yet efficient, office lunch event.  While the culture of business catering for lunches in the city has flourished, offering diverse menus and flavor palates,  the business breakfast scene has received less fanfare over the years.

Part of the reason that morning catering gets less attention is the general lack of enthusiasm by employees and attendees for starting their workday with a meeting or seminar. However, morning events can be incredibly productive and informative, which is why companies, organizations, and community groups continue to hold them. Choosing a caterer that has experience with business catering for morning events could prove to provide the spark your team needs to kick things off on the right foot, no matter how early your event occurs. These five tips can help make your early morning event a success!

#1: Look for Balanced, Healthy Choices

Traditionally, breakfast is the lightest meal of the day, and most people stick with this tradition. It is acceptable for your business catering plan to follow suit. Work with your catering company to build a breakfast menu that has a range of options, including both sweet and savory dishes, but try to lean toward the smaller, lighter, and healthier foods. Build your business catering plan such that it provides for healthy options, as many people don’t like to start the workday with fatty and calorie-heavy foods.


#2: Don’t Forget About Dietary Restrictions

While food allergies and dietary choices have come more into focus for caterers and restaurants in recent years, many business catering customers forget to relay information on dietary restrictions. In particular, this is a problem for breakfast catering, where both gluten and animal protein are a big part of many dishes. Therefore, if you are aware of individuals with dietary preferences or restrictions who will be in attendance, make certain to include items for them on your menu.

At business breakfasts it can be difficult to monitor buffet-style food service, and, without planning, you might be left without an option for an attendee with dietary restrictions.

#3: Business Catering Shouldn’t Skimp on the Coffee

Coffee is a staple at business breakfast events, but far too often what is found in those iconic silver stainless steel beverage containers isn’t high quality. It has almost become expected that business breakfasts won’t serve the good stuff, coffee-wise, which is why it is so important to overcome that expectation. Providing delicious coffee as part of your business catering plan will garner attention and compliments.

Suddenly, your business catering plan’s coffee option went from being a minor detail to a hit with your guests.

#4: Incorporate Memorable Menu Items

There are some easy ways to take your breakfast business catering from bland and boring to memorable (in a good way.) One way is to include one or two particularly exciting and interesting dishes into your breakfast options.


For the most part, businesses will order the same breakfast menu over and over for their events. At Waterfront Gourmet, we find that many people aren’t aware how many awesome breakfast options exist. Try out some unique options for your next event to really wake up the attendees.

#5: Set Up and Serve Business Catering Efficiently

One essential part of a business meeting is that it starts and ends as scheduled. Attendees made an effort to arrive at the event before their busy workday, and they also want to return to the office on time. While keeping speakers, presentations, and intermissions of a morning event on time affect timing the most, preparedness in business catering is important, too. Hire a company that can deliver ready-to-serve catering options on time and is reliable with setup and service.

Looking for the best breakfast catering company in Philadelphia? You found it! The Waterfront Gourmet Deli & Cafe provides the best business catering in the city, and our breakfast options are extensive, delicious, and healthy. We serve Illy coffee both in our cafe and as part of our catering menus to make sure your event’s coffee is the best of the best. You can find our catering menu on our website.  Come visit today!

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