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Business Catering: Tips to Ensure You Have Enough Food

Business Catering Can Be Tough...Unless You Work With Waterfront Gourmet!

Like weddings, business events can pose a challenge in determining the exact amount of people who will show up. People can change their minds last minute or be unable to attend, forget to RSVP, or even bring additional guests. Whatever the case may be, the unpredictable nature of attendance can make it extremely difficult to determine the type of business catering you require when you lack a headcount for your event. However, the last thing you want to worry about is lack of food. To help ensure your event goes off without a hitch, remember these helpful tips:

Get an Estimate Without Constantly Asking for Headcounts

When you encounter difficulties with getting confirmations, there are some useful methods for ensuring you have enough of the right food.

  • Confirming Dietary Restrictions – Special requests or dietary restrictions are a great way to verify if someone is attending, and what they will need to eat. These limitations will help to alert you to what foods to avoid (such as meats, food allergens, or gluten) while providing you a more accurate food count.
  • Use Casual Conversation – When discussing details of your business event with your point of contact, casually drop small features about the event and make them feel like part of the planning. For example, talk about how many seats your event room seats comfortably, and ask if it sounds reasonable or adequate. While it may not help you gauge the exact number of people attending, it can help determine the maximum amount you can expect.

Consider Appetizers

Appetizers are a great addition to an event that can help to feed your guests without going over budget. It is helpful for accommodating guests who didn’t RSVP and for making your food stretch without breaking your budget.

Order Extra and Send Leftovers

There are two primary styles for ordering food. You can either order more food than required or err on the cautious side. However, in most cases, it is better to have extra you can distribute for leftovers than to not have enough food for everyone attending.

Additional Filler Dishes

Ordering additional fillers (ex. vegetables, potatoes, rice, and other side dishes) is a great way to maximize your budget. Ordering side dishes is cheaper than extra desserts or meats and helps to provide for guests who show up unexpectedly.

Pick a Buffet Catering Style

Not all business catering options are created equal. While they may feed the same amount of people, ordering individualized meals or salads can make it obvious if you ordered too much or too little. When in doubt about the number attending, it is better to use buffet-style options. This allows your guests to control their portion sizes, choose what they want to eat, and can help you safely order for the maximum number of guests.

If you’re looking for the best business catering for your next event, don’t settle for the basics. Call Waterfront Gourmet at 267-308-5108. Our helpful staff can answer your questions, help you to make the most of your budget, and provide you with a truly memorable dining experience for your guests.

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