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Can Something Sweet From Waterfront Gourmet Café Improve Your Work Day?

What you eat during the week has a direct effect on your productivity at the office, which is why choosing healthy options from Waterfront Gourmet Café is important. We keep our cafe menus stocked with low-calorie, fresh foods that keep busy people thinking and performing their best. At the same time, Waterfront Gourmet Café is also known for serving some of Philadelphia’s best café desserts.

If these irresistible desserts don’t seem like a great idea for your afternoon snack, we have some news. There are actually four excellent reasons to indulge in something sweet during your work day!

#1: A Sweet to Save You from Overeating


Very few people maintain a diet that is entirely devoid of sweets and small indulgences. In fact, when dieters force themselves to forgo the occasional dessert or sweet snack, it typically results in an overindulgence at a later date. Binge eating is one of the biggest hurdles for people trying to settle on a healthy diet.

Unlike many other restaurants’ options, the desserts at Waterfront Gourmet Café are made with fresh ingredients, sweetened with natural flavors, and baked right in our cafes, so you aren’t filling up on processed sugars at your desk or after work. Plus, we know if you walk away from our incredible cookies, they will stay on your mind all afternoon at the office. You can’t risk that kind of distraction.

#2: Give Your Energy Levels a Healthy Boost

Both your body and your brain use food, including sugar, as energy. When you consume a small amount of sugar, such as what we add to our outstanding croissants at Waterfront Gourmet Café, you give your body an immediate burst of energy. This can cause an uptick in how fast you think; a helpful result when you need to give a presentation, participate in an afternoon meeting, or handle a detailed task during your workday.

#3: Drink Your “Something Sweet”


What about starting your workday with a Waterfront Gourmet Café Illy coffee? Whether you like your coffee with cream and sugar or a bit of caramel syrup, there are actually some awesome health benefits from having a cup of coffee each day.

First off, coffee is filled with antioxidants, which are important for protecting your body from harmful free radicals. While we don’t have time to discuss all the biological reasons antioxidants improve your health, let it suffice to say diets higher in antioxidants are known to ward off heart disease, effects of aging on your skin, and cancer.

Secondly, coffee helps your liver, and in particular, helps mitigate the effects of alcohol consumption on this organ. Research also says coffee is effective at lowering stress, preventing type 2 diabetes, and improving cognitive ability. Fill up my cup!

#4: Improve Your Mood

Perhaps the biggest benefit of a sweet treat from Waterfront Gourmet Café is the ability of desserts and sweets to improve your mood. Whether it’s rainy weather or a work task that has you feeling down and blue, a dessert could be the answer. With consumption of sugar comes an increase in endorphins in your body. Endorphins are those special hormones that make us feel happy.

Are you ready for an afternoon snack? All three Waterfront Gourmet Café locations are open for breakfast, lunch, and late afternoon during the week and our cafés in Penn’s Landing and University City are even open on weekends. Find out more about our convenient locations and hours on our homepage.

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