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Cater For Easter Sunday Brunch in Philadelphia with Waterfront Gourmet

Cater For Easter Sunday Brunch in Philadelphia with Waterfront GourmetCater For Easter Sunday Brunch in Philadelphia with Waterfront Gourmet

Brunch with Waterfront Gourmet: Food That Will Satisfy Everyone

Easter Sunday is just around the corner, so it is sure to be here before you know it! Many families in Philadelphia have an Easter brunch as a celebration, and the right caterer can make the day extra special. Whether you are considering changing your typical catering, you are on the lookout for a new caterer that your family will enjoy, or maybe you don’t feel like cooking everything yourself this year, then try out Waterfront Gourmet. We will bring fresh and delicious paninis, sandwiches, fruit and vegetable platters, muffins, desserts and more! We can provide you with a variety of foods to fit all your friends and families preferences and needs.
Our Breakfast Options Put the “B” in Brunch

One of the best parts of brunch is that it gives you the excuse of eating breakfast food until almost dinner time. And with our breakfast options on our catering menu, you’ll definitely want to be eating breakfast food all day long! Our selection of mouthwatering breakfast sandwiches with our catering breakfast tray will make you want to cater your everyday breakfast. Whether you prefer meat in your amazing egg-and-cheese sandwiches or not, we have the sandwich for you. If you and your family prefer to indulge your breakfast cravings with bagels and cream cheese, and delicious pastries, then our bagels and pastries tray will hit the spot.


Our Lunch and Snack Options Bring the Variety You Crave

In any catered brunch, not only are you going to want breakfast and lunch food, you’re going to want an endless supply of sides and appetizers. Are you more of a cheese and crackers type? Our catering cheese tray comes with a variety of cheese served with crackers and bread, for whatever you prefer to eat your cheese with. If you and your family have a lot of health-conscious, vegan, or vegetarians then we have options for that too! Our fruit and vegetables trays always have fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables, while our hummus tray comes with pita bread, tomatoes, and cucumbers for dipping. And our always popular guacamole tray is served with tortilla chips and our own fresh, handmade guacamole.

To top your brunch off, we can provide you with an amazing supply of sandwiches for everyone to enjoy. Whether you prefer regular or specialty sandwiches, hoagies, or wraps, we can guarantee your event a catering tray that will satisfy everyone’s needs, and their taste-buds. And for your family members and friends who have a sweet tooth, we’ve got that covered too. We have a selection of brownies, cupcakes, coffee cakes, and cookies for your brunch dessert.

The next time you are looking for a caterer for your event in Philadelphia, you can be sure that your event catering will be pulled off flawlessly when you put your trust in Waterfront Gourmet Cafe! No matter what your event, either private, professional, or a holiday brunch like Easter Sunday, you won’t be disappointed when you let Waterfront Gourmet cater it for you. Contact us today to learn more about our delicious food and catering options.

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