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Catering in Philadelphia for Your Upcoming Parties!

catering in philadelphia

Spring is no longer in the air, and we’ve seen some unseasonably low temperatures here in Philly in the past few days. You may be a Summer lovin’ person, but if nothing else, the coming of fall means a return to the holiday season, and you don’t need to wait for November to enjoy it!

Some of you may already have enjoyed our barbecue catering services or other outdoor catering services for your Labor Day gatherings, and Labor Day is the unofficial end of Summer – but with the end of Summer comes the Fall, and the Fall is packed for opportunities for celebrations with friends and loved ones.

Get Family and Friends Together

If you’ve gotten tired of these recent shutdowns that have only been lifted partially, then you are not alone. All around the country people are itching to get outside, try new things, and see their friends and family again, some of whom they may not have seen for months.

It’s almost like this summer went by in a flash or didn’t happen at all, and if you need a reason to get everyone special together, a Fall party might be in store for you. Halloween is coming up, and everyone loves a good Halloween celebration, but there’s no need to wait for that.

The weather has been taking a turn for the beautiful, with clear bluebird days and crisp Fall nights replacing the muggy weather of July and August. Call up your friends and family and throw something together. Who cares if it’s themed when all that matters are good company and great food?

You can see to the company, but when it comes to providing the delicious refreshments and meals, leave that to us. Put off searching for catering near me when Waterfront Gourmet is Philly’s favorite caterer. With a little trick up your sleeve such as the freshest and most delectable foods and treats available for catering in Philadelphia, PA, you’ll be looking forward to any excuse you can come up with to get the crew together, at Fall and at every other time of year!

Practice Safe Habits and Social Distancing

Just make sure that when you do get friends and family together, you practice safe habits and social distancing. While the restrictions on business and gatherings have started to lessen, it’s always a good idea to practice basic safety measures.

That way, you won’t just be throwing a Fall party this month, but you’ll be able to get back together with everyone next month for Halloween and early in November for Football parties. Pick a Sunday, Monday, or even a Thursday night, give our catering team a call and let the good times roll.

Not everyone is ready to get back into the restaurant scene, and even so, there are limits on indoor dining at the present time. That’s still no reason that you can’t throw a great on your own terms; in fact, it is the very reason itself for you to do so! All you need is to think of a creative idea and get to work. Let us take care of the rest.

Fall Festivities and Beyond

Speaking of which, as we mentioned, you never need an excuse to get everyone together and enjoy a good time. Maybe you want to get a crew together to watch the final games of the baseball season and the World Series. Maybe you want to plan ahead for your holiday parties. You can never be too early getting ready for a Thanksgiving or Christmas celebration, and we’re already ready to get everything squared away for you.

holiday catering

Not that you needed any ideas for creativity, but if you’re itching to see friends and family, here are a few excuses for you to throw a party together at the last minute. Have an End-of-Summer Party, a costume party before Halloween so the kids can show off their finery, have a big bonfire or a barbecue, or even a back to school party for the parents and kids to both enjoy. If you’re feeling really adventurous you can get friends and neighbors together to throw a decoration party where you can carve pumpkins or create Fall wreaths! The opportunities are endless; all you have to do is get a little bit creative.

Put Our Catering in Philadelphia to Work for You

Here’s the only catch; get everyone together like that and you will definitely need to offer them some delicious refreshments. Even if what you need is as simple as some coffee and pastries for breakfast or a light treat, no one is happy on an empty stomach.

Then again, that is the least of the scenarios you are likely to encounter. If you’ve gone a while without seeing your friends and loved ones, then it’s high time to throw a big bash that is decked out with the finest dishes that money can buy. In that event, don’t waste your time looking for “catering near me” when you’ve already found the best catering in the Philadelphia area, right here!

  • Save Time!

Putting together a family party or a gathering of friends that is anything other than standing around talking and enjoying the food is going to take a lot of work.

If you take some of our advice and pick one of our themed ideas, such as a Fall decorating or costume party for the kids, then you are going to have a lot of work to do, and work takes time!

If you want a themed party to go off without a hitch, then you’ll need to prepare whatever supplies you need as well as seeing to other forms of entertainment, and that doesn’t even make a mention of creating the invites and coordinating the event itself.

If there’s one thing that catering can always save you, it’s time. Luckily, at Waterfront Gourmet, we take our services to the next level.

  • Save Money!

Catering services also have a lot of potential to save you money as well, because if you are preparing the food yourself you’re going to need to set yourself up not only with all of the ingredients but with all of the garnishes and sides. Then you’ll have to cook it too and the affair can get rather expensive in short order.

It might not always save you money, but there’s a good chance it will, and when you factor in all of the time it’s going to save you, it just makes sense. And, if you’re smart about it, you can cost engineer the whole process down to a science and really take full advantage of catering services for what they’re worth. Saving time and money is like doubling the value right away!

party catering Philadelphia

  • Enjoy a Fresh Meal with Unique Flavors!

Saving time and money are not the sole purview of any given caterer; that is to say, almost any caterer can do the same. What other event caterers can’t do is provide you with a menu that is as rich and unique as ours is. When it comes to flavors, we never settle for less than the best, and achieving our best is a continuous process.

We don’t know what it’s like to sit on our laurels, even though we have plenty of them. Every dish we create hinges on classic flavors and in many cases is just a reloaded version of a traditional sandwich, wrap, panini, or salad. We create many of our dishes from locally sourced ingredients, and everything we produce is as fresh as can be. If you’re looking for a marked divergence from the classic experience, you’ll be pleasantly surprised that everything on our menu offers some kind of unique twist.

  • Offerings for All Dietary Needs and Preferences!

Even some full-service catering companies are not particularly diligent about serving the needs of their customers. Our take on that matter is that it’s not full service if you don’t account for the needs of your customers – all of your customers. When you plan to cater an event with Waterfront Gourmet, we think of all of your guests as our customers, and we aim to make that experience the best it can be, for all of you.

Sometimes meeting dietary needs goes beyond the tastes of picky eaters, and while we acknowledge the preferences of those types with our many delicious dishes, we recognize there is more to it than this.

That’s just one of the reasons that we intentionally craft a number of health-conscious dishes that we add into our menus, including offerings that are entirely vegan or vegetarian, as well as a number that are gluten-free. Whether you have genuine medical-dietary concerns or are just very health-conscious, our menu will have something on it for you!

  • Always Prepared Fresh!

Something else that we can provide our clients with is fresh food, any time, anywhere. Whereas other caterers will prepare food ahead of time in order to scale with their demand, we are proud to report that each and every order that goes through our door was prepared freshly, for delivery.

breakfast catering

That means if you place an order for breakfast catering in Philadelphia that needs to be delivered early in the morning, you can rest easy that it wasn’t prepared the night before or simply defrosted the day of. If you need lunch catering, you can expect the same.

Whatever the time of day and no matter how large or small your gathering proves to be, we will commit to preparing your food freshly for delivery. Our motto is “Always Fresh, Always Awesome,” and we mean to stand by that.

  • Expand Your Horizons!

We also make it possible for you to get away from the same old sandwiches and wraps that other caterers are fronting as a part of their menu selection, although only if you choose. Working with Waterfront Gourmet is an exercise in freedom because with us you can set yourself up with a catered offering that meets your needs.

If you’re looking for something new that you’ve never tasted before, we can provide you with it, but if you want to lean on the classics, we can do that for you as well, and all you have to do is pick up the phone and call us at one of our locations!

  • Personalized Service!

Speaking of that, we are proud of our in-depth level of customer service as well, and we are one of the top caterers in Philadelphia. Give us a call to find out just what we’re made of, and we’ll prove to you how we don’t take a standardized approach to solving problems.

Let us know what kind of party you are planning to have, who will be there, and what you want to serve. We’ll come up with a menu that will dazzle you and your guests, every time!

  • Free Delivery!

One more thing we have to throw in here; we mentioned that catering can save you money, and here’s a cold hard fact in defense of that. Catering should make your life easier, instead of harder and more expensive, and we are proud to provide our local clients with free delivery services! Just call us up, let us know what you need and what you want to serve, and we will prepare it freshly the day off and then deliver it for free!

catering near me

Get in Touch with Us!

Whatever type of party you are planning for the upcoming days, weeks, or months, take a little bit of planning off of your plate and leave that to the professionals. We’ve been catering for years, handling everything from wedding catering to corporate event catering and everything in between.

No event is too large or too small for us, and at any rate, we enjoy the challenge of providing consistent customer satisfaction and knowing that we have introduced flavor into the lives of our customers. Check out one of our locations via the link above, give us a call, and let us know what you need to get started. Put your “catering near me” query on hold and get in touch with us today!

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