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Catering Near Me: Why Local Catering Matters

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Catering near me – it’s a search that gets typed into Google many, many times per day. Few people ever consider the implications that it can have for a community, however, and they extend far beyond the big event, whatever it might be.

Truth be told, searching for “catering services near me” will benefit you too, and not just the community. Here are some gems to show what hidden – and not so hidden – perks come with hiring a local caterer.

Better for the Community

When you buy local – anything – it helps the local community. You are putting money and resources back into the local machine, helping out local workers who also probably live nearby, and revitalizing the engine that drives the area.

Catering works the same way. When you work with a local caterer, you will be employing people that live in the area, you will be encouraging that business to put dollars into the local infrastructure and you are adding to the spirit of a community and to its sense of identity. It’s impossible to hit on all the areas that are benefited by spending locally, but the scope of it is quite large.

Enjoy Fresher Food

Another big bonus to working with local catering is the fact that you will likely enjoy fresher food. That is always the case when you work with us, as our motto is “Always Fresh, Always Awesome.”

Not only do we prepare every catered order freshly for delivery – whether early in the morning or late in the day, but we take the freshness and local ingredients seriously. In fact, many of our dishes are specially made with fresh ingredients sourced locally. Actually, we source local ingredients wherever possible in order to ensure freshness, flavor, and overall quality. Plus, as we said, it helps the community!

You Know Where Food Comes From

A search for “catering near me” or for the best catering in Philadelphia, PA won’t just turn up fresher food for you. When you work with a caterer that uses local ingredients, you can trust in the freshness of your food. Fresher food isn’t just more flavorful, it’s also better for you and is less likely to have sat in storage or languished somewhere along the supply chain.

In addition, buying local means you have a better idea of where your food comes from!

Less Stress on Supply Chains

The farther food has to travel to get to you, the fresher it will be, the lower its cost will be, and the less of a carbon footprint you will leave. When you buy food that has to be shipped cross country, that’s not just a tax on supply infrastructure, it’s a load of fuel that has to be burned to get the food to you.

Shop local and buy local and you’ll put less of a strain on these systems – it’s good for the Earth and can save you money, too!

A Local Caterer Knows the Area

In addition, a local caterer, unsurprisingly, will know the area. They’re in tune with the customs of a place as well as the layout. You could be working with friends or family when you work with a local caterer, and it is the ultimate representation of trickle-down, supply-side theory. Do well by your community and it will do well by you. Pay it forward and get paid back!

It Can Save You Money

Finally, a search for “catering near me”  can even help you keep a handle on catering prices around food service. You might have shied away from catering services before if only for the fact that they can be pricey, but a local caterer is likely to be able to save you a few bucks.

In our case, we will work side by side with you to come up with a special menu and we will also deliver your order free of charge! It’s one way we help our customers who help us!

That doesn’t even mention that by working with a catering company you can put time back in your schedule, too!


If you’re looking for catering companies in Philadelphia, then you’re right where you need to be. We don’t just offer a fabled dining experience here at Waterfront Gourmet, but we can also offer you a top-notch, full-service catering experience in the Philadelphia area. Whether you’re looking to cater corporate events, you need to cover a wedding reception, or you just want to secure food catering while planning an event for your family, we’re here to help.

Just get in touch with us at one of our Waterfront Gourmet locations to speak with a member of your team and we’ll work with you to put together a menu for your special event.

Whether you’re looking for catering in Center City or somewhere on the outskirts, every meal is prepared freshly to order and delivered free, so let us handle your next special event!

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