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A Lot of Care in a Single Cup of Coffee at Waterfront Gourmet

Waterfront Gourmet’s High Standards for Coffee


At Waterfront Gourmet, we are extremely proud of the food served in our cafés. We know the wraps, salads, and sandwiches created by our chefs are among the best in Philadelphia. We keep our menu creative and innovative – a refreshing twist on standard café and deli foods. However, we also know the Illy coffee brewed in all of our cafes sets us apart from other coffee options in downtown Philly. There is a great deal of effort put into a single cup of coffee at Waterfront Gourmet. Why do we take so much time with each latte, cappuccino, and Americano?

Well, for starters, we think great coffee is the clearest sign of a great café here in Philadelphia. Keep reading for the other reasons Waterfront Gourmet puts so much care into every single cup of our Illy coffee.

Waterfront Gourmet Wants to Give Customers the Best

There are a lot of coffee roasters out there, but few can match the quality of Italy’s most famous coffee brand. Illy coffee company has incredibly high standards for the beans used in its blend, which makes it a choice coffee around the world. Therefore, when it came time to select a coffee company for Waterfront Gourmet, Illy was the obvious option. Just as we only source the best produce and fresh foods for our Waterfront Gourmet menu, we wanted our coffee beans to meet a very high standard. Illy allows us to provide a great cup of coffee to every customer.

We Love When Our Customers Stay Longer

While our baristas, cooks, and front-of-house staff do their best to provide efficient service when you are on the way to work, we never want Waterfront Gourmet customers to feel rushed to leave the deli and cafe. Instead, our spaces are designed to make you feel warm and cozy, especially as Philadelphia’s autumn arrives. We have found that a latte goes a long way to help people sit back and relax in our café, no matter how much time they have available for breakfast or lunch.

At Waterfront Gourmet, we create coffees to be sipped. Whether enjoyed over conversation or while browsing Instagram, we think it’s fantastic when customers relax in our deli and café, so feel free to stay awhile when you come into any of our three locations in central Philadelphia.

We Know It Makes a Difference in Your Day


Each morning marks the start of a string of unpredictable moments and events. There will be spills, minor accidents, forgotten deadlines, people who run late, and kids that won’t cooperate. Among the chaos of daily life, your morning coffee should be reliable. Providing a dependable, high-quality experience is our biggest goal at Waterfront Gourmet. We send out seriously good coffee every day of the week in the hope that it makes a difference in your day.

Join Us for a Latte

If you are searching for a go-to coffee shop in Philadelphia, the Waterfront Gourmet should be on the list. We proudly brew Illy coffee and make our lattes and other beverages from Illy’s awesome espresso beans. We have locations in University City, Penn’s Landing and at CHOP. Visit our website today to find the Waterfront Gourmet location nearest you!

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