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Conquer the Office Luncheon Order With Philadelphia’s Best Cafe & Deli Catering

Conquer the Office Luncheon Order With Philadelphia's Best Cafe & Deli Catering


The Waterfront Gourmet Cafe & Deli’s Catering Menu Lets You Choose Between Individual and Group Orders


It’s the middle of the week and your boss offers up the company credit card to cater in lunch for an office morale boost. Now, somehow the responsibility has landed on you to handle the logistics of feeding all your coworkers. Fortunately, Waterfront Cafe’s catering menu and delivery service make it much easier. Waterfront gives you the option between individual orders and deli platters. Both of these options are sure to bring smiles to your work team; you just have to determine which approach is best for your office.


Personalized Orders From Philadelphia’s Freshest Cafe & Deli Are the Best Way to Cater to Unique Cravings


Don’t worry about calling the restaurant with a page long list of orders and hoping nothing was left out. The Waterfront catering menu, hosted by Foodee, is built to allow you to quickly add any sandwich you want to the order with a single click. This method lets everyone get exactly what they want, but it can get complicated when trying to get orders from dozens of people in a busy company. Check out our list of pros and cons for individual catering orders:



  • Everyone gets to choose the sandwich or salad they prefer.

  • You can split your diverse orders with colleagues to taste more of our amazing sandwiches.

  • Online order form clearly displays each item for verification


  • It’s can be hard to choose between so many delicious cafe & deli options.

  • You may be left waiting on one or two coworkers who can’t decide on their order.


Ordering for each person lets employees indulge in their individual preferences but it may not be practical for larger offices. If you want to be the office all-star, pass around a sign-up sheet or start a group email to collect everyone’s orders.


Platters and Boxes Provide Variety and Make Office Catering a Breeze



If you don’t want to deal with hassling each of your coworkers for their order and divvying them out around the conference table, then a platter is the best option for your office. Waterfront Gourmet’s menu has assorted sandwich, hoagie and even slider platters that can be ordered to scale for your business’ needs. Just like individual order, platter



  • There is no need to consult each person in your office.

  • Assorted platters are sure to have something to please everyone’s palate.

  • Productivity will not fall because of employees drooling over our menu.


  • You’ll have to stop by after work to pick up that specialty sandwich you’re yearning for.


Waterfront Gourmet Cafe & Deli is the solution to your office catering headache. Whether you want to let everyone choose their own delectable meal or you want to keep it simple with a few platters, our catering and delivery will be sure to satiate your coworkers’ appetites. Send our online order form around your office and we’ll fill your break room with the freshest deli food in Philadelphia.

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