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How Delicious Signature Salads Are Inspiring Healthy Eating Everywhere

Health-Conscious Americans Welcome New Foods

Delicious Signature Salads Are Revolutionizing the Restaurant World

In the last decade, there has been a major change in the way Americans eat.  With nutrition becoming a more important issue for more people than ever, the demand for new, healthy food options has continually risen from the mainstream fad of extra-large meals we saw in the 90s and early 2000s.  Even fast food chains, once considered absolutely lacking in health-conscious options have begun to offer leaner and more nutritious options.  One of the greatest changes that has come to restaurants is the rise in popularity of delicious signature salads that have, essentially, started a flavor revolution.

Salads have always been the target of jokes about dreading diets with comedians feigning dread at the prospect of having to eat more greens.  Inventive chefs, however, have taken what was once considered a basic and unfavored side option and turned it into a meal to be reckoned with.  All kinds of ingredients, from cranberries and honeyed almonds to toasty barbecued chicken, have found their way into delicious signature salads in restaurants all over the country.

With these customized salad options on the rise, its good to know what some of the most nutrient-packed ingredients are, and to get a preview of what’s in store for those who know that you can eat healthy without giving up incredible flavor.  Here at Waterfront Gourmet, we understand just how valuable a healthy burst of energy can be for lunch or dinner, and we set out to fill our salads with the best ingredients for your enjoyment.

Exciting Ingredients and Amazing Combinations

One of the ingredients we’ve been most excited about seeing on more menus is kale.  Kale has been considered a “super-food” by nutritionists for years, being incredibly rich in fiber and iron while being unbelievably low in caloric content.  As a result, kale is filling and nutritious without pushing your caloric intake past what you want it to be.

On our menu, we use kale as the star ingredient of one of our own delicious signature salads: the Waterfront Kale Caesar.  Parmesan cheese, fresh cherry tomatoes, and creamy caesar dressing all come together to make a dish we know will leave you feeling satisfied and well.  Because kale brings so much to the dish, we can even throw in crispy, flavorful croutons without making our salad too heavy.

One of the delicious signature salads that we are most proud of is our Arugula and Apple, which blends the tart flavor of cranberries with the rich sweetness of Fuji apple to balance perfectly with crumbled goat cheese.  This salad’s unique blend of sweet and tart is perfect for those who are craving something different and exciting.

We Use Goat Cheese in One of Our Delicious Signature Salads

Delicious Signature Salads Bringing Life to Philadelphia

If you’d like to see the healthy flavors of the salad revolution for yourself, come visit us in one of our beautiful, convenient Philadelphia locations.  Waterfront Gourmet is serving up finely-designed salads in three locations across the city: University City, Penn’s Landing, and South Street.  We can’t wait to show you that healthy and flavorful should never be exclusive!


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