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Enjoy Going Back To School In Philadelphia

Let Waterfront Gourmet Be Your Calm in The Hustle And Bustle of Philadelphia’s Back to School Season

Enjoy Going Back To School In Philadelphia

Every year it seems that the summer gets shorter, and the back to school rush gets crazier. Families in Philly are searching for their back to school supplies and worrying about their lockers and homeroom teachers. Parents are in the midst of the chaos of trying to catch the best sales on supplies and making sure to balance all of the fall activity sign ups and PTA meetings. But it doesn’t all have to be stressful. Why not take a bit of time to throw a back to school bash with all of your friends, complete with food catering from Waterfront Gourmet? You could have a block party for all your entire neighborhood. Break out the water balloons for some super fun games like the 20 listed here by Local Fun for Kids. Throw in some popsicles and a few cocktails for the adults, and you’ve got a surefire way to have a blast saying goodbye to summer!

Making all those team sign up nights into a social event is easy with Waterfront Gourmet’s catering for events. We can create a custom menu to cover any food allergy, and make it easy for you to turn humdrum events into a party! And what about all those parent association meetings? Consider getting some great food catered in for those events and bring a smile to everyone’s faces!


There are an increasing number of things that families have to manage to keep their kids (and themselves) on track each school year. There are uniforms and immunizations, tests and registration events. There are more and more activities available each year that our kids can participate in, making it a chore just to juggle mealtimes and carpools. When you add that to all your own activities, like work and household responsibilities, it can make even the most calm parent feel a little out of control! It can really help to keep everyone’s schedules organized by using a calendar like this DIY one by Nifty. Other times you might need a sanity-saver like ordering ready-to-deliver meals from Waterfront Gourmet that you can eat on the go, or to have ready for those moments when everyone is passing by the dinner table. It is nice to know that you can rely on to provide a healthy and delicious meal that everyone will enjoy in those moments when life is just too hectic to cook a meal at home.

There is no doubt that back to school time is one of the busiest times of the year for most families. Just remember that you are lucky to live in 19104 and have Waterfront Gourmet on your side to make times like this a little less stressful and a lot more fun! Make sure to print a downloadable copy of our menu and hang it on your fridge (or calendar command center) for easy access! Then just order online or call us at 267-308-5108 (University City) or at 267-227-1994 (Penn Landing) today!

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