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Event Planning with the Best Catering Company in Philadelphia

lunch catering Philadelphia

Catering services, like dine-in services, isn’t just about the food. Those who are serious about their culinary discipline, like we are, commit to crafting excellent dishes, regardless of how large or how small the affair is, but there is more that goes into the refinement of world-class services beyond the food itself.

Adaptability, flexibility, collaboration with the customer, and attention to detail all make up a successful venture, and in a service-based industry – which surrounds catering and dining-in – these are the fixtures of success.

For our customers in the Philadelphia area, they know from experience what the difference is between top-notch, full-service catering, and catering that is a means to an end. Here at Waterfront Gourmet, we strive to be the best in all that we do, and this is as evident in our catering services as it is on our menu, in our customer service, and in our dedication to crafting new and exciting dishes year in and year out.

For those of you interested in securing catering services in and around Philadelphia, PA, here’s what we can do for you once you’ve formulated the query for catering near me. Here’s a little bit of everything from the best catering company in Philadelphia.

Always Fresh, Always Awesome

The cornerstone of our business is our love for all things that have to do with crafting food. Food is a representation of love and our passion for crafting delicious meals is central to our existence. For us, it’s personal, and when we set our minds on creating something vibrant and new, we don’t let anything get in the way.

For us, the world is full of many cultures that each have something unique to offer the palate, and from these diverse culinary traditions, we distill the elements that make up our selection. On our menu, there are a number of wildly delicious sandwiches, paninis, wraps, and salads that pick and choose and mix and match flavors inspired by traditions from all over the world.

We’ve been around and experienced a thing or two, and we can almost taste it before we make it. That has enabled us to go beyond the normal and craft dishes that, as we have said before, represent a “classic with a twist.” Even in dishes that you might recognize by their name, there will always be a delectable surprise waiting in it for you.

That’s our first commitment to being always fresh and always amazing. Our second commitment comes from our versatility, not just with flavor but with service. In any gathering, there are bound to be diverse needs. Sometimes these needs and wants stem from personal preferences, and sometimes from dietary restrictions arising from medical conditions.

In any of these cases, our staff is highly attentive to the needs of your guests, particularly when you place a catered order. We’re ready to meet all of your guests’ needs, regardless of whether you have picky eaters or stringent dietary requirements. That’s one of the reasons we offer so many vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options on our menu.

As you can see by only a short glance at our collection of signature dishes, food is foremost – and when you go out and search for catering near me, you’re going to come up with a lot of options for caterers for your special event. When we set out to make an event special, though, it’s about more than just the food, as we mentioned before. It’s about the service, too.

Breakfast Catering Near Me

What better place to start on an exposition of wonderful service than with breakfast? Breakfast starts the day, and our breakfast catering services are top-flight. When you’re planning an early morning event, whether for sociable or professional reasons, you have to start the day right with a strong breakfast.

  • Attention spans suffer when you don’t start the day off, and sometimes attitudes do. Going without breakfast is a mood killer, but being surprised by a catered meal is a mood uplifter.
  • Breakfast is positive for overall health and can help to regulate glucose levels in the blood. These positive health-oriented impacts are necessary, among other things, for an early morning meeting to go well.

Beyond the reasons that breakfast is, as everyone is always so quick to point out, the most important meal of the day, breakfast catering can add a lot of value when it is pulled off just right. You can always pick up some boxed coffee and some donuts, but why do that when you can enjoy culinary delights and distinct bali espressoTM coffee?

breakfast catering near me

Delicious, meticulously crafted presentations are only a small portion of the reason that breakfast catering can make your day a lot easier and help you start off a meeting on the right foot. Here are some other reasons to work with a caterer instead of taking the former route:

  • Everyone is tired in the morning; and if you aren’t a morning person, that includes you. Trying to see to all of the preparations on your own, including food, is just going to take more time out of your schedule.
  • Failing to provide a meal for breakfast for your guests, whether friends or business partners, is no way to start the day!
  • A caterer will do the heavy lifting, which puts time back in your schedule, but it also ensures that the foods you offer will be fresh and satisfying!

Throw in the fact that no one wants to prepare food in the morning or even really has time for it, truthfully. Either you or your event coordinator or planner would have to prepare food or go out and pick it up for an early morning gathering, and that just adds to the list of reasons that working with a caterer is the solution for successful early morning venues.

It’s not just all about the signature dishes and the lack of time in the morning, though. There are more our catering Philadelphia services can provide, but keep reading to find out.

Lunch Catering in Philadelphia

Breakfast is far from the only important meal of the day, and it’s not even all that common to host an early morning meeting or have an early gathering. Sometimes all you need for that is some great coffee to start the day, but we digress.

It’s much more common to have mid-day gatherings, whether personal or professional. Many a midday event has taken on the form of a family reunion or a meeting for a corporate client, but when you do have such meetings, the value of quality foods gets thrown into relief all the more.

You don’t need lunch to wake up the mind and body, but you do need to offer a good lunch to pick up the spirits and keep the day going strong. After the first half of the day, everyone needs a little pick me up, and a boxed lunch just isn’t the same as a catered specialty.

With that in mind, a fresh meal for lunch isn’t only about bringing the spirits out of the morning doldrums and back into afternoon gear. It’s also about the same concerns preparing breakfast is, namely, a lack of time and a need to defer to the specialists.

When you’re hosting a party or a professional meeting, the last thing you want to be saddled with is providing for food, yet it’s something you’ll reasonably have to do. Just like we can help you stay on the right track with an early morning get together, working with our caterers for lunch catering in Philadelphia can help you make sure the mid-day event goes off with a bang but without a hitch.

Corporate Catering

In either of these situations, you might be working around a corporate event, and not a personal one, in which case the need for good food will remain important but possibly be overshadowed by other impending responsibilities. After all, a corporate meeting is never “about lunch.” It’s about business; lunch just needs to be provided in order for all parties to remain satisfied and placated.

business catering Philadelphia

Also, for better or for worse, regardless of the substance of the meeting, it’s the food that often takes the precedent in memory, and the last thing all invested parties may remember about a meeting was the lunch that was offered.

Keep the ball in your court, and work with us to come up with a dazzling menu for your next corporate or client meeting, regardless of the time of day. We’ll take care of lunch, you just take care of business.

Evening Gatherings Done Right

We have breakfast, lunch and corporate meetings covered, but what about evening gatherings? Dinner parties, soirees, birthday bashes, graduation get-togethers, and weddings neither prepare nor host themselves. They’re also a lot of work, so take the help where you can get it.

Planning a family get-together where you’re going to expect a lot of guests? Let us do some of the heavy lifting and whip up a menu that will be the talk of the event – for weeks afterward.

Need a solution for a party like a birthday celebration or a graduation party, or even something to celebrate an anniversary or a wedding? Wedding catering alone is a lot of work, but no matter – leave that to us.

Whatever time of day your event is, and whatever it’s celebrating, we’ll help make it the best it can be, and we might even be able to save you a bit through the process.

Affordable Catering: How We Do It

One more thing that matters to a lot of people, whether they’re planning a wedding or a corporate event, is the expense involved. Some hosts cook not because they love food but because they need to provide food for guests at a reasonable cost to themselves, and anytime the word service comes into the picture it brings along with it the specter of expense.

Normally catering does incur a hefty expense on the roster of event planning items, but we provide a few special services to our customers that improve the experience and our service while keeping the total tabs down for you.

For one thing, know that each and every catered order that we prepare is prepared freshly the day of the event, right before it is delivered. Freshness and ingredients both matter, and this helps to make sure that everything is always fresh and always awesome. On the note of freshness, we also use locally sourced ingredients wherever possible. It’s beneficial to the local community, it keeps things fresher and higher quality, and it also helps to keep some costs down.

On the note of the cost, we not only prepare every order fresh for delivery; we also deliver every order free of charge to our clients. You’re already paying for fresh, delicious menu items and stellar service, so we pay it forward by crossing that line item off of your list. Providing for a venue and entertainment costs enough, so leave the food preparation and delivery to us. For those looking for affordable catering, get rid of those thoughts associating affordability with low quality. We’ll serve up both and keep catering costs reasonable.

Make It Happen

Ready to plan your most successful event yet? All it takes is a phone call to get started, and through the whole process, you’ll be working with a real person and not just filling out forms.

Get in touch with one of our Waterfront Gourmet locations and you can speak one on one with a team member that will learn more about your goals for the event and what you intend to offer. Then, we’ll work with you to come up with a menu of specially selected and crafted items that will appeal to you and all of your guests.

Once you see how easy it can be to provide fresh, delicious catered food, you’ll be wondering why you weren’t working with us sooner. Give us a call today and let’s get to it.

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