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Find the Right Catering for Your Next Event

Finding the right catering for your next event can be a real challenge. You need to make sure your food is served hot, tastes delicious, and that it is something that all your guests will enjoy. So there are a lot of things to think about when it comes to picking out the absolutely perfect business to find for your catering event. You need to consider what your budget is, and should also think about what kind of event you are putting together so that next time you find yourself asking, “what’s the best catering near me?” you will know the answer and you will have found that perfect caterer who will keep every single person at your party or event smiling.

After you have found what kind of budget you have for your party’s food, the next step is to consider what kind of event you will be putting on in order to figure out what the perfect catering package for it will be. Is your event a birthday party? A birthday party will often have specific expectations that you may want to satisfy. Is your event a bar mitzvah? These types of events are often held in a catering hall or event venue and can feature anything from a modest spread of food to a lavish meal of many courses throughout a night of drinking and dancing. Are you planning catering for a wedding? In a similar way, guests at a wedding might have some expectation of what they will have as far as food is concerned. If your party is religious in nature, you will need to think about any dietary practices the religion prescribes to so that you can make sure every one of your guests will be able to enjoy it. Is your event for the office? A corporate event can come in all shapes and sizes, from a simple business meeting with a choice of breakfast foods to a large and expensive holiday party that functions as a way to build stronger bonds between members of your team. When you think about what kind of event you are organizing, you will come up with an idea of what kind of catering needs you will have to meet.

The next step is to consider the size of your event so that when you ask yourself “what is the best catering near me?” you will know which local businesses you should be considering. Some restaurants may not be fully equipped to handle the needs of your party. Even though you may think the food is fantastic, you need to find something appropriate without sacrificing taste.

Another thing to think about when planning your party’s catering is the activities you have planned for your guests. If this is a simple business meeting, you may want to choose food options that are very neat and clean, with minimal smell and mess so that your employees or coworkers can still feel comfortable and professional while they enjoy the fare you have provided. But if this is, for example, a holiday party, where your guests will be invited to bring along a date and engage in drinking and dancing, you may want to elect for food that is very portable and light, so that your guests do not need to sit still very long and get back in the action as they please. For a more formal affair, or for an event where guests will be expected to sit for a good amount of their time with you, you should consider a proper meal. Should you do a preplanned menu? It can add a touch of elegance to have your guests’ orders ahead of time so that your caterers can bring out beautifully plated cuisine and present it to them in a fashion that is sure to impress. But you may also want to consider a buffet style service. This is often much easier to handle, both on the caterer and for your guests. A buffet allows your guests to pick and choose exactly what they would like and create a plate that is perfect for them. It also allows for a greater tolerance of dietary restrictions. A person on a special diet, whether it is religious, medically necessary, or simply a lifestyle choice, can avoid whichever food options they wish and indulge in the ones that work for them. It is also easier in that there are more satisfied guests since they would be able to pick their own food preferences based on what is available.

At Waterfront Gourmet, our many years of experience in the kitchen make us a great choice to help you cater your next event. We are capable of handling orders big and small and we will work with you to find a menu that is practical and best utilizes your budget while delivering a delicious and impressive experience for your guests. From gourmet sandwiches to elegant meals, our team is ready to make your next party a hit. We love our work and we love the food we serve. If your event is vegetarian, we have options for you. Meat lovers? We have the best meat around! Whatever you need, we can do. Simply give us a call, let us know, and we’ll create the most delectable and fresh catering options you’ll have ever tasted!

Visit us online, check out our catering menu, and contact us today to get started on finding the perfect catering package for your event!

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