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For Fast Food Done Right, Visit Waterfront Gourmet

Since when did fast food become defined by greasy burgers and defrosted and reheated pizza? We live in an age where the idea of fast food conjures up mental images of processed chicken, and flash cooked patties and fries. It seems like so many in food service have given up the ghost and abandoned the search for fresh flavors to the convenience of salt and fat.

If you’re thinking “I’m looking for fast food near me, but don’t want to go for the same burgers and fries I see on every corner,” then you’re in luck. Here at Waterfront Gourmet, we’re rethinking the entire concept of fast food. It shouldn’t just be fast. It should be fresh, flavorful and original, and anyone who loves food can understand that sentiment. Stop in one of our locations and your desire for ‘fast food near me’ will never be pondered in vain again.

Try Our Novel Breakfast Offerings

Our philosophy at Waterfront Gourmet is to put a new twist on reliable foundations of flavor so that nothing ever seems ordinary. Stop by for breakfast one morning and you can try some of our savory offerings like our Mexican Egg Burrito, with Vermont cheddar, tomato, avocado, and salsa. It’s a zesty remix of an old favorite, that marries the salient spice of salsa to the satiating mouth feel of eggs, cheese, and avocado. 

Try our Whitefish Bagel for an interesting take on smoked fish. Tangy, powerful smoked whitefish mingles with the sharp notes of onions while mellowed by the support of cream cheese. Onions and smoked fish make an excellent match – try out this one of a kind menu offering to see for yourself. 

Here’s another interesting take we offer. Try our breakfast a la California to experience a concert of flavors. Home fried eggs, avocado, cilantro, feta, and sriracha. It’s impossible not to love, with its spice, salt, and zest overlaying the pleasant background of our fried eggs. 

Stop In for Lunch

Our sandwiches, hoagies, and panini are imbued with our passion for flavors just the same as our breakfast offerings. Come visit us for lunch or dinner to refresh your appreciation for fresh, rich flavors.

Try our Cubano Panini for our take on the classic Cuban sandwich. Seasoned pork gambols with the delectable brine of a dill pickle over Swiss cheese and yellow mustard. We’ve added ham to this classic to make it even more satisfying and to provide another dimension to the pork that makes a Cuban sandwich what it is. 

Our Paisano Panini is another excellent example of our innovative takes on classic menu items. Grilled chicken, prosciutto, sharp provolone, arugula, grilled peppers, and basil pesto come together to bring you a panini that is like a cross-section of an antipasto medley. All the flavors of the antipasto board are there, ready to complement each other for your enjoyment. 

Get a Philly classic with a twist in our Pier 5 Cheesesteak. Premium ingredients elevate our cheesesteak far above the American cheese and yellow onions of the universal competition – they’re delicious enough, but our novel take is revolutionary. Fillet roast beef, pepper jack cheese and red onions alone add depth and character to our Pier 5 Cheesesteak. We add even more flavor with mushrooms, spicy mayonnaise, and roasted peppers. It will forever change your definition of a cheesesteak. 

These are only a few of our groundbreaking takes on classic dishes. If you’re a salad lover, change up your love of a classic caesar with our Kale Caesar salad, featuring kale with parmesan cheese, croutons and caesar dressing. 

We have even more to love in offerings like our Pop Berry Salad. Spinach, cranberries, strawberries, bacon, and feta make this salad sweet and savory. Our ingredients bring an uncustomary intensity of flavor to our dishes, and in this case, you’ll find a little bit of everything. 

But these only represent a small slice across the spectrum of flavors that we deliver in each and every one of our dishes. Who would have thought that ‘fast food near me’ could be so fresh and inventive?  At Waterfront Gourmet, it is, and you can find us at four convenient locations throughout the city. 

Our Locations

Any time you’re near Old City or Penn’s Landing, stop by our location on the water at 5 N Columbus Boulevard at Penn’s Landing to let us impress you with any of these offerings here and so many more. Right on the Delaware Riverfront, we can offer you a charming atmosphere that will go just splendidly with our unique menu offerings. 

If you’re around Center City stop by our location at Dilworth Plaza at 1414 South Penn Square. Come into our location at Roberts Center at 2716 South Street or our spot in University City at 3131 Walnut Street. We’ll treat you to a new take on flavors and change the way you think about fast-food restaurants.

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