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Fresh, Delicious, and Filling Gourmet Vegetarian Specials

At Waterfront Gourmet, where everything is always fresh and always amazing, we don’t just provide full service catering in Philadelphia, Pa. We also make it a point to cater to a number of tastes representing our clientele. We know a lot of our customers have various tastes, and so we make it a point to serve up fresh, delicious dishes every day to feed a number of different appetites. We provide hearty, filling meals for meat lovers, zesty delicious breakfast items for those who need to get their days started right away, and unique, distinguished coffee from bali bean for those who need a quick pick-me-up in the form of caffeine.

We also make it a point to craft our dishes from locally sourced ingredients in order to preserve the integrity of freshness and give you a taste of the locale. As we place an emphasis on healthy living – a large part of which involves a healthy diet – we also cater to the tastes of our vegan and vegetarian customers. Many of our signature sandwiches, wraps, and paninis are crafted with plant-based ingredients to offer those different tastes a delicious and hearty meal.

One of our secrets, however, is to provide healthy vegetarian dishes that are so packed with flavor and so filling that you will be amazed. There is a pervasive myth that healthy food is never filling, and we’ve set out to dispel that myth – and we certainly believe we have.

If you’re up for the challenge, try one of these gourmet vegetarian specials today, and you’ll see just how hearty and filling eating healthy can be. You’ll never be plagued by the suspicion again that healthy eating and delicious flavors are mutually incompatible.

Avocado Toast

Don’t be fooled by the simple name; our avocado toast is so much more than the classic ‘avocado on toast.’ It’s all that and then some.

We start with your choice of bread – white, rye, sourdough, even focaccia or brioche. Whether you like the crisp sweetness of white bread or the rich, chewy, satisfying character of focaccia, we hit heavy right out of the gate.

Toasted to perfection, we then add, of course, creamy, delicious avocado, along with tart and tangy goat cheese. All of this we grace with the deep, smoky notes of fire-roasted peppers, which come together in a vegetarian classic with a twist that is not only healthy but unbelievably satisfying.

Before ordering, don’t forget that you can personalize your avocado toast with extra avocado, extra cheese and more, so you can really tailor the order to your tastes.

Veggie Panini

Our Veggie Panini is another heavy hitter when it comes to healthy vegetarian dishes that are also impossibly satisfying. Some veggie paninis hang onto a couple of different ingredients and call it a day, ours comes out strong with a big number of healthy ingredients that are brimming with original flavor as well.

We start with hearty spinach and add to it sweet tomatoes and rich onions for an unforgettable zing. Then we add in the mellow notes of fresh cucumbers and throw in some sprouts for a little crunch. On top of that, we bring in the filling, unctuous influence of fresh, creamy avocado and finish it off with the powerful flavors of roasted red peppers. It’s a creamy, crunchy, tart, sweet, delicious sensation that must be experienced.

But that isn’t all. To complete the panini we add in some sweet honey mustard and some piquant pepper jack cheese. It’s a complex offering that is bursting with flavor, and words can only do so much. To appreciate it properly, order one today. Then you’ll see for yourself just how filling and delicious healthy food can be.

These two offerings are not only healthy and fresh – but they are also delicious and filling as well, so you get a real bang for your buck. But in the event that you couldn’t help but notice there are only two in this article, that’s because we’re saving some to keep your interest. There are many more healthy, filling offerings in our menu, both our full menu and the menu our locations are currently providing. Check them out today and try what appeals to you.

While we are currently operating under a limited schedule and only some of our locations are open, we have some good news. All of these vegetarian offerings can currently be found on the menus of all three of our operating locations. You can order any of these online for pick-up at our Penn’s Landing, Dilworth Plaza, or Roberts Center locations. In keeping with the level of service that defines our catering in Philadelphia, Pa, we also offer free delivery to certain locations throughout the city, so you can order online or by phone and have your meal delivered to you.

Try out one of these offerings, and be sure to check out our Waterfront Gourmet blog again soon for more posts highlighting delicious, healthy offerings. Once we resume regular dining operations and catering in Philadelphia, Pa, you’ll be able to investigate even more of our fresh dishes.

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