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Where to go When You Need a Study Break in University City

The Best Coffee Shop in University City Now Offers Student Discount!

Where to go When You Need a Study Break in University City Where to go When You Need a Study Break in University City


When you’re a student in University City, and either you’re having a busy homework week or you’re prepping for upcoming finals, the two things any student wants to accompany their hard work is delicious food and lots of caffeine. Lucky for you, there’s a coffee shop in University City that can supply you with both! And to make it even better, the caffeine is free!

Waterfront Gourmet Cafe in University City is about to become your new study haunt. If you’re studying, and want a free boost of energy, we now offer free regular coffee plus free refills to students. This is available during peak afternoon/evening study hours, from 3PM to 8PM, every single day of the week. If you come before 3PM and you still need coffee, our distinctive Illy coffee is about to become your new favorite. If you like your coffee in an espresso, latte, cold brew, or iced, then we can provide all that and more.

Wondering what to get along with your free coffee? If you’re looking for something with a south of the border air, our The Mexican sandwich or our Picante Quesadilla will fulfill your craving. Maybe you need something classic and cheesy; you can pair your coffee with our Chicken Pesto Gourmet Panini or our delicious piled high Reuben. If you prefer your dinner to be meatless, we have a selection of vegetarian meals including a Picante Tofu Burrito or a Veggie Panini. Plus, all these options come with a free side of either a bag of chips or a small seasonal salad. And for those of you who like to indulge in breakfast for dinner, our delicious variety of breakfast sandwiches will accompany your free coffee plus refills exceptionally well. Our large variety of gourmet sandwiches, gourmet paninis, gourmet hoagies, gourmet vegetarian selections, and gourmet salads are sure to satisfy whatever you need to give you motivation to get through your work.

Waterfront Gourmet Cafe isn’t just a plain old coffee shop in University City; we are a Philadelphia favorite for new takes on deli-style sandwiches, delicious signature salads, gourmet paninis, and fresh (and maybe even free) coffee. Not only is our food freshly prepared, but we are dedicated to keeping our menu fresh too by constantly evolving and changing it. Whether you are cramming for your upcoming organic chemistry exam, writing your intro to literature critical analysis, or actually getting ahead on studying for finals, Waterfront Gourmet Cafe is the best coffee shop in University City for you to get the job done. With free coffee at peak study hours, plus our delicious and fresh specialty sandwiches and snacks, Waterfront Gourmet is the place to be heading into finals season in University City. Are your parents looking for a caterer for your graduation party? We do that too! Check out our catering menu and other information on our website here. Have any questions about the food and services we can provide? Contact us today!

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