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How Healthy Holiday Catering Is Helping to Bring in The New Year Right

Satisfaction and Nutrition Make for Better Holiday Cheer

Over-indulgence almost always characterizes the holidays; at least, that’s what we’re told in holiday-themed comedy movies, TV specials, and glossy magazines’ New Years issues.  Unhealthy eating, though, doesn’t have to be the standard for the holidays, even when it comes to company parties, New Years events, or last-minute business conferences before everyone heads home for their families.  Waterfront Gourmet understands what it means to create healthy holiday catering that can help you start winning the new year before it even begins.

We here at Waterfront Gourmet know the value of decadent chocolates, candied goodies, and tart-but-sweet ciders.  These sorts of treats are lovely and can bring a smile to our faces even when the weather has us shivering.  Too much of a good thing, however, can mean less overall happiness from those specially-crafted treats we crave.  So, when it comes to catering, we aim for balance.  Healthy holiday catering the way we envision it leaves you happy, feeling well, and enjoying every bite of the indulgent treats that warm the holidays.

Instead of holiday regrets inspiring New Years fitness resolutions, we believe that delicious dishes can empower us to strike out into the new year with energy, positivity, and satisfaction.  Why play a game of catch-up when you can instead be proactive?  Your food is your fuel, and good food means good results in more ways than one.

Less Sugar, More Energy

Around the holidays, everyone is in an understandable rush to wrap up their work and get back home.  Sometimes this can lead to the temptation to order a box full of donuts or a cookie tray instead of proper catering for meetings, holiday parties, or planning sessions.  However, healthy holiday catering is not only likely to leave you and your employees feeling comfortably full, but it’s also likely to give you a lot more energy to work with.

If you’ve ever washed down a sugary danish with a bottle of cola while rushing to get to your next appointment, you’ve probably experienced the dreaded “sugar crash.”  Simple carbs burn up so quickly that our bodies are left with nothing to run on, not to mention that simple sweets don’t have much in the way of vitamins or other nutrients.  Swap out that danish with a delicious tropical fruits tray and some lightly sweetened yogurt, and, suddenly you’re not only dodging the sugar crash but also feeling like you can take on the world.  Trade the sodas for warm tea, hot coffee, or fruit-and-veggie smoothies, and you’ll get your caffeine fix and the antioxidants your body needs.

Waterfront Gourmet is devoted to making creative, healthy catering options all year round.  We can help you and your employees get ahead on the New Year and go home to your families after work feeling energized and happy.  With a diverse team of culinary talent, we bring you flavors and creations from numerous culinary traditions, infusing your holiday catering choices with the best Philadelphia has to offer!

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