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How Catering Can Make Any Event Better

Philadelphia catering company

Regardless of whether you’re planning a local corporate event of some sort, looking to the future for planning a wedding or reunion, or just plan on seeing some old friends for an upcoming dinner party, catering can make it better. Believe it or not, despite the differences between these events, in scope, size, and entertainment, they have enough in common that working with a catering company can help make them even better than they promise to be.

For Corporate Events

Corporate events vary significantly, both in terms of size, goals for the event, and what you plan to offer. Some aren’t even catered, but as a rule, it’s a nice courtesy to extend as the corporate host. Plus, as we have said here before – the real business is often a great lunch!

  • Save money – You might think that picking up ready-made food would be the cheaper way to go about providing food for a corporate event, but remember, any time spent doing that is a company resource. Besides, we specialize in providing affordable catering in Philadelphia and we even deliver for free!
  • Better resource planning – Working with a catering company in Philadelphia will free you and any other colleagues responsible for planning the event to shift their focus to other matters.
  • Ability to devote attention to more important affairs – As great as a good lunch is, businesses and clients don’t simply get together for a snack. They meet to discuss partnerships, sales, proposals, strategic ventures, and other matters of consequence. You’ll probably have important matters to prepare for a business lunch; leave the food prep to us.
  • Ensure properly prepared food – It’s also safer and more practical to work with a caterer to prepare a meal for an event, especially when there are stakes involved. Besides, we prepare freshly for delivery, for every order!

For Private Events

Private events, like corporate events, vary just as widely. A private party could be a dinner party between friends, a casual family gathering, a themed party, a holiday party, and so much more. One thing you can’t pass up is food – that’s central to the success of nearly any event. Take into account that you could be working with dietary restrictions and picky eaters and you might end up with a lot of planning on your plate. Here’s how our catering services can help:

  • Spend more quality time with family – When you’re hosting an event like a holiday party in your home, you can waste a lot of time in the kitchen if you aren’t judicious about planning. A caterer puts back more time in your calendar.
  • Better ability to ‘cater’ to special dietary needs – Even if you know the needs and preferences of your family and friends, actually offering them can be tricky. That is unless you work with a caterer that can do so and has done so for years.
  • Lessen the burden of set up and clean up – Cooking and cleaning take up a lot of time during the course of hosting an event. Working with a Philadelphia catering company will significantly diminish the amount of work you need to do for clean up.
  • Devote more attention to entertainment and decoration – Any time you don’t spend planning a meal, shopping for groceries, or cooking, you can spend planning entertainment or preparing decorations and settings for a themed event!

For Big Celebrations

Just what is a “big celebration” is a bit of a subjective matter, but we can probably all agree that large gatherings for wedding receptions, large family reunions and birthday parties, and graduation celebrations count. With events like these, you might be tempted to perform a search for “catering near me,” and it wouldn’t be a bad thing if you did while you were getting ready for the big day.

  • It’s safer to allow a professional to prepare food for a large event like a wedding – Allowing professionals to prepare a meal for your event will ensure everything is prepared properly, and freshly.
  • Better ability to scale and manage other priorities – As in planning other events, you will need to split your abilities across many demands.
  • Easier to accommodate special demands, preferences, and requirements – A caterer makes it much easier to cater to dietary needs and restrictions with gluten-free options, as well as vegan and vegetarian dishes.
  • Save time, effectively redistribute responsibilities – Planning a big event is harder than planning a small, intimate gathering. Delegate where you can – and that means letting caterers or other foodservice professionals know the food. Search for “catering services near me” – that’s the first step.

Call Us for More Information – or to Plan a Menu

We also specialize in catering at all times of day, so even if you had stopped short at a search for “breakfast catering near me” you’re in the right place to find it.

Give us a call at our flagship Penn’s Landing Philadelphia Waterfront location, or whichever one is closest to you. Let us know what you’re planning in the Philadelphia area, and we’ll take care of the rest!

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