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Choosing the Right Caterer for Your Party

What Can a Caterer Provide?

Catering Services provide much more than food for your event. By choosing the right catering service in Philadelphia, you could be eligible for some extra features that you may not know about. Many caterers can take care of small details that make your party planning much easier!

Catering in University City, Philadelphia can be found on nearly any corner. At Waterfront Gourmet, we ensure that your food is ready on time and we will deliver it right to your door.

When it comes to planning the menu, your caterer may have pre-fixed menus for you to choose from. They can also give you recommendations of their personal favorites or most popular dishes if you’re unsure what to order for your guests.

Sticking to a budget for a large party can become tricky. Using a catering service like ours means you have a variety of packages from which to choose! You don’t need to spend $100 per head if you’re only catering a small business meeting. At Waterfront Gourmet, we offer packages that cost less than $8 per person! Our trays are packed with assorted sandwiches and wraps and your guests will love them! Pay attention to words like “per person” or “service charge” when it comes to pricing – you don’t want to be surprised by an extra fee on your bill! At Waterfront Gourmet, we deliver throughout the city and you won’t be surprised by any extra fees.

Know the Company and Satisfy Your Guests
When it comes to a large event like an office party, business catering in University City can become expensive. Opt for a caterer who will give you a great price, while making sure to abide by any guidelines you set beforehand. Large events with multiple guests will present dietary restrictions, which can become a challenge for any party planner.

Let your caterer know ahead of time if you have any guests who are vegetarian, need a kosher menu or if there are any known allergies, like nuts. At Waterfront Gourmet, we are more than willing to accommodate for every guest at your event. By following dietary restrictions, each of your guests will leave happy.

Don’t forget the kids! At any party, children may end up in attendance. Ask your caterer if they can provide kid friendly choices. Often times, picky eating guests will go for those options, too! We offer a “do-it-yourself” tray that comes with assorted deli meats for the kids or picky friends to create their own sandwich, exactly how they like it!

Finally, never leave out dessert. Ask your caterer what they can provide for those with a sweet tooth. Cakes, cookies and coffee always tend to go over well with a well-fed crowd, and we offer delicious pastries fresh from our in-house bakery. Keep your friends happy by sending them out with one last delicious treat.

Choosing the Right Caterer for Your Party

Catering in 19104 is easy to find, but you need to make sure you have the right amenities. Ask your caterer the right questions and you will receive the best service!


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