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When Location Matters, Choose Waterfront Gourmet Cafe & Deli

There’s something to be said about eating in a pleasant atmosphere; restaurants strive to create comfortable and enjoyable surroundings for a reason. After all, eating is one of life’s great pleasures, so why not strive for excellence and make meals special? At the end of the day, eating in an environment that piques your interest in a positive way that will always add to your experience. That’s why, at Waterfront Gourmet Cafe & Deli, we strive for locations that lift your meal to its fullest potential. Not only do we want to serve you incredible food, but we also want you to have something to look at while you dine!

You know what we’ve always loved about Philadelphia? It’s a truly majestic city. It has so much vibrant history, so many beautiful locations, and such a fantastic mix of metropolitan might with a strangely small-town vibe. It’s friendly. That’s why, when you walk by the monuments that make our great city famous, you feel content, satisfied. Our Center City location is the perfect location to celebrate your Philadelphia pride, and at any time of day. Breakfast, lunch or dinner; you’ll find that we’ve got an incredible selection that boasts some of the best food in all of Philadelphia.

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No matter what you like to start your day with, Waterfront Gourmet has you covered. We’ve got the best Philadelphia breakfast items around, so when you want a breakfast sandwich in America’s best sandwich city, you need to head to the closest Waterfront Gourmet near you. Enjoy a morning jog down Penn’s Landing? Well, we’ve got a location set up at the waterfront! Where do you think we got the name? Want to wake up bright and early and enjoy a fresh bagel or corn muffin with City Hall in your sights? Our Center City location totes one of the best views of the heart of Philadelphia. No matter how you want to wake up, you can do it the right way at Waterfront Gourmet.


Maybe you’re not the type to grab avocado toast (the best around) before you head to work; that’s okay! We’ve got you covered on your lunch break. Some say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but clearly lunch is a close second. You’re halfway through your workday, your brain needs to recharge and so does your body; nothing feels better than a hearty and healthy meal. That’s exactly what you’ll find at Waterfront Gourmet Cafe & Deli: fresh ingredients and delectable menu items to choose from! Our sandwiches are made from the finest meats and cheeses, and we’ve got vegetarian and vegan options for the veggie lovers out there!


If you’re just too busy to take a midday break, let us take care of dinner! We’ve got filling and delicious soups daily, and we offer healthy salads with wonderfully crisp veggies. Not only that, but for those of you who crave innovation in your food, we’ve got one of the coolest renditions of the Philly cheesesteak around! You’ll have to stop by a location to try this absolute Philadelphian classic! Not to mention our extensive list of hoagies, we’ve also got deli sandwiches that’ll truly knock your socks off; we want to bring a fun twist to your average boring deli menu. There’s nothing like a little pizazz in your food!


Center City catering can be absolutely frustrating. It’s so hard to find a reputable place that can actually dish out a quality meal for a large crowd, let alone one that’s easy to work with. Luckily, Waterfront Gourmet offers the best catering services around, and we’re right here in Philly! No matter what crowd you’re working with, you’ll find that it’s pretty easy to please everyone when you’ve got an awesome menu to work with! We can dish out the hoagie trays and salads that you need to entertain your party, workplace, or any event. Our catering services are incredibly easy to work with, and we strive to ensure that every one of your guests has an option. All vegetarian? No problem; we’ve got fantastic vegetarian options. Want something healthy? Our food is made from high quality, fresh, and healthy ingredients. We’ve got you covered, no matter what!

Come Down Today!

No matter which location is more convenient, you’ll find that there’s a Waterfront Gourmet near you just waiting to hand you an excellent meal! Sandwich lovers know that we’re the real deal; come find out for yourself! If there’s one thing that we’re best at besides food, it’s customer care. We love everyone who comes into our restaurants, and we want to offer the best possible service! We’ll bend over backwards to make sure that your meal is exactly what you wanted, and we’ve got the exceptional variety on our menu to make your food dreams come to life! Come on down today, and let’s see what Waterfront Gourmet can do for you!

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