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Manage Your Daily Hustle With Help From Waterfront Gourmet Coffee Shop in University City!

Manage Your Daily Hustle With Help From Waterfront Gourmet Coffee Shop in University City!

Waterfront Gourmet Coffee Shop in University City is Here to Help


Once school is back in session, you think life will settle down from the summer hustle. But soon there is homework and carpools and extracurricular activities. Feeding everyone a healthy meal can be a struggle when you have to rush from sun up until the time you collapse into bed at night just to keep your family’s world in order. That’s when it’s time to call in backup! Waterfront Gourmet has a full selection of healthy menu options that are perfect to take away the stress of daily meal planning. Check out our healthy gourmet deli-style sandwiches, like our smoked turkey apple and brie sandwich or our chicken pesto pannini. You can order online for delivery or pickup the perfect meal on your way to the game! Waterfront Gourmet’s coffee shop and deli offerings will be sure to please every member of your family; grab something whenever you are in University City!


Satisfy Those Cravings and Tame the ‘Hangry’ Beasts

When life is crazy, sometimes mealtimes slip by, and you end up grabbing a quick bite of whatever is handy just to fill the void. Sometimes it seems that you are craving something savory and delicious, but you can’t find just the right thing so you eat some junk instead. What do you do when suddenly the kids or spouse are acting like a beast because they are ‘hangry’ and you haven’t planned a meal? Busy times call for convenience, but with Waterfront Gourmet in University City, you don’t have to sacrifice satisfaction. We have just the thing for filling those ravenous tummies in a quick hurry! When your morning calls for something besides a pop tart, check out our delicious breakfast sandwiches. Call us when you’ve forgotten to pack a lunch and we’ll set you up with one of our gourmet deli-style sandwiches! We can prepare a party platter for your ‘hangry’ crew, and you’ll all be feeling happier in no time!


Energize Your Mornings at Waterfront Gourmet Coffee Shop in University City

No matter your season in life, there are times that mornings can be a struggle. Whether babies or parties are the culprit, sleepless nights lead to grumpy mornings, and grumpy mornings lead to sluggish days. And who has time for that? So take a moment to swing through our coffee shop in University City, and grab that morning pick me up! Our selection of delicious coffees is anything but boring.

Use Waterfront Gourmet coffee shop and deli in University City as your ‘right hand man’ to help your days run a bit more smoothly. We’ve got your back when you want a delicious healthy meal or a hot cup of joe at any time in your busy schedule! Order online or via phone (267-308-5108) today!

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