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My journey searching a perfect cup

My journey searching a perfect cup

I like coffee. I’ve been drinking it for the past few years, but I only drink it when I’m out, and over the last year or two, I’ve started developing an opinion on what I think constitutes good and bad coffee. I decided that I need to get educated about what’s in and beyond the cup.
When I was in Bali a few weeks ago I had a chance to experience being a part of a cupping ceremony at the Luwak coffee farm located in Tegalalang Ubud Bali Indonesia.

What is LUWAK coffee? LUWAK coffee or civet coffee, refers to the seeds of coffee berries, once they have been eaten and defected by the Asian palm civet.

The Asian civet eats the ripest berries for their fleshy pulp which allows the proteolytic enzymes in its stomach to percolate into the beans. This process breaks down the protein in the green beans creating the unique exotic flavor. Once the civet expels the coffee beans through its feces, the local farmer collects it for processing. They will thoroughly clean all luwak droppings to ensure coffee is ready for roasting. Once the coffee beans have met the standards they will be prepared for roasting. All Kopi luwaks beans will have a medium roast to ensure delivery of the taste and aroma.

The experience I had was being a part of a cupping ceremony. There were 9 roasts that were all prepared, slurped and then compared. The majority of my first day, however, was spent observing and learning from the roaster and the assistant roaster. I watched and helped them mixing together the roasted beans from the previous day to create blends. For me one of the great things about coffee is the journey for a perfect cup. There are so many variables that can go right, or wrong, along the way. There are the farmers growing the beans in some distant land. There’s the roaster trying to get the beans done just right. There’s the shop selling me the beans fresh, and there’s me making the cup.

The beauty, and the challenge, of it all is that no one cup can be replicated exactly.

So very morning I start over in search of a perfect cup.

– Hanna –

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