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Of The Catering Companies In Philadelphia, Waterfront Gourmet Stands Alone

Event planning certainly takes a pound of flesh from everyone involved. It would be one thing if it were as simple as it appeared to be from the outside. All you have to do is pick a date, time and place and let people know. That’s only a small portion of event planning to begin with, but the funny thing is the fact that this alone is time-consuming labor. 

It takes plenty of time just trying to figure out where you’ll even be able to host an event in the first place. If you’re planning a corporate meeting, you might be lucky enough to use any unreserved space in your own building. If not, you’ll be on the hook for finding a conference center or some other fitting professional location for your meeting. 

This only gets worse as events increase in complexity and demand. If you’re planning something like a wedding or a party, then it becomes a real trial. You’ll have to call around, shop through venues, and experience other such headaches as reserving venues before you’re even sure which one you want to use. 

Then there’s the headache of settling on a date and time when you believe your attendees can be attendees in the first place. Trying to coordinate something across a panel of three intimate friends is a trial enough – make it more complex than this and you’ll understand in no time how difficult event planning can be. 

All this and all we’ve touched on is the fact that you need to pick a place, a time and a date. We haven’t even gotten into the logistics of coordinating invitations and communications. And, in fact, we won’t, because we’ve got quite another fish to fry. 

The metaphor of the fried fish is hauntingly fitting because even with the trouble of picking such preliminary items as a venue and a date, you haven’t even touched on the headache of putting together a menu for the event. Providing for food can be one of the most troubling experiences in event planning – not to mention the most costly.

Catering services are effectively a must at any hosted event. The problem comes down to issues of cost, communication, timing, menu offerings and much, much more. It’s tough enough when you’re trying to find a caterer to provide offerings to people with diverse diets and tastes. It’s only compounded by complications regarding preparation, communication, and delivery. 

Well, as tough as it can be to pick a caterer from among the catering companies in Philadelphia, there is a glimmer of good news on the horizon. Whereas before you may have had your share of trials and tribulations when it came to settling on a caterer in Philadelphia, PA for your special events, Waterfront Gourmet is here to provide you with solutions in menu options and more for your events. It’s the full-service catering company you’ve been waiting for to make event planning easier and more successful. 

Waterfront Gourmet Makes It Easy

Picking from among the catering companies in Philadelphia, you might feel as though you have too much to sift through to find the catering company to meet your needs. There are so many options out there that provide catering services that it can seem like there’s too much going on to make a really wisely informed decision. 

Be that as it may, we here at Waterfront Gourmet are here to make your life easier, not harder, and we’ll tell you just how we’ll do that. 

The first thing you can trust in us to provide you is seamless, professional, and timely communication. If you have an event you need to cater and want to try us on this claim, just give us a call and let us prove it to you. Call us at any of our locations and let us know just what you need and we’ll be happy to come up with a menu that will satisfy everyone. 

Communication is only half of the battle. As you’ll see, our menu options are diverse, innovative and creative. We tailor to every palate out there in more than one way. Not only do we offer timeless and proven favorite dishes across our menu offerings, but we are committed to making continuous improvements to our menu.

While we offer favorites and classics in sandwiches, wraps, paninis and more, we are always tweaking ingredients and trying new combinations of flavors to ensure that every single dish on our menu is not only bursting with flavor but is also original. 

There’s no time like the present to make a change for the better. If you’re interested in top-notch catering services for a dinner party, a private event, for corporate catering or anywhere else you’ll need to feed a whole lot of mouths and cooking is out of the question, just give us a call. Besides, with so many upcoming events in the Philadelphia area, it’s high time to discover something that’s always fresh and amazing. If you’re putting together a meeting just in time for the Philadelphia St. Patrick’s Day Parade or even centered around the Philly Craft Beer Festival, Waterfront Gourmet can make that rendezvous a refreshing reality with an assortment of their delicious menu items. 

Plenty Of Delicious Menu Items

On top of the fact that you can easily reach us to put together an awesome catered offering for your next event, we offer a dazzling assortment of fresh, delicious items that we’re always in the process of perfecting.

That’s one of the other facets that make us a great caterer. Out of the catering companies in Philadelphia, there might be some others that are communicative and offer great customer service, but when you start to add in the unique features that make Waterfront Gourmet one of a kind, the scales start to tip. 

The uniqueness of our menu is only one more thing that defines us. Our mission is to provide delicious offerings for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even as snacks that are healthy and prepared fresh to order every time. 

Consider some of our offerings for lunch and dinner. Our motto is always fresh, always amazing, and that’s what we strive to bring you. But where it has become increasingly common for caterers to lean on what is more or less a static menu that works just well enough, here at Waterfront Gourmet we rock that boat a bit. We offer plenty of classic sandwiches, wraps, paninis, hoagies, salads and more – and each with a twist that makes it entirely unique. We take that foundation of great flavor and add little twists to the ingredients and flavor to totally reload the entire dish. The result is a menu bursting that fresh, creative takes on proven and timeless favorites. 

Plenty Of Options For The Health Conscious 

Consider some of the headaches that catering an event can call to the table. On top of the fact that you’ll be juggling a whole load of responsibilities, you’ll also have to provide a menu of fresh, flavorful options that appeal to quite a range of palates. Unless you have an intimate knowledge of the tastes and preferences of each individual that will be attending your event, it can be tough to be ready for all of the curveballs that come with planning.

The thing is, tastes and preferences go more than the picky eating habits of children – the truth is there are so many out there that commit themselves to the effort of living better lives and eating healthier. The American diet today has become too saturated with processed, unhealthy foods that it can be tough to find healthy, fresh offerings, especially from a caterer.

But not from Waterfront Gourmet. Here at Waterfront Gourmet, we’re proud to report that we offer plenty of healthy, even plant-based menu items in our catalog. We also create special items for those with vegan or vegetarian diets. 

But it gets better – we don’t just offer these as an alternative – we make no compromises on our mission to deliver amazing flavors every time – so when you turn to us to put together your catering selection, you’ll be getting healthy, delicious food all in one place. 

Catering For Any Time Of Day

The early morning can be a very polarizing time. There are morning people that just seem to be raring to get at the opportunity to get the day going. Then there are those that just can’t kickstart the day.

If there were one thing that everyone can agree on, it would probably be the fact that everyone needs a little something to kickstart the day. Whether that’s a cup of coffee, a cup of tea, or even a full-blown breakfast, everyone needs a little pick me up. 

If there were one more thing that everyone could agree on, it’s that no one wants to be responsible for providing food early in the morning. That doesn’t just mean that no one wants to be cooking for a catered corporate event, it means that early in the day it’s just so much easier to let the specialists specialize.

If you’re responsible for planning or hosting an early morning event like a corporate breakfast, it’s undoubtedly going to go a lot more smoothly when you have a fresh selection of breakfast options for your attendees, morning types and others alike. 

Waterfront Gourmet can set you up with coffee, tea, and juice for those that start their day with a bit of caffeine or the crispness of a fresh cup of juice. We’ll set up your early morning events with a fully catered breakfast that includes pastries, bagels, and cream cheese, and even breakfast sandwiches. It’ll satisfy everyone – the pickiest eaters through those who take a little bit of everything. You can’t play it too safe in the morning since you’ll be setting the stage for the rest of the day and with Waterfront Gourmet, you can start the day off right. 

Let’s say you need to cater an event and it isn’t early in the day, but it’s not quite for lunch or dinner either. You just need to offer a little something to hold people over for the main event. We offer snack trays showcasing our mixture of healthy, fresh and delicious options. 

If you need to provide refreshments to pull off successful events, go with one of our hummus or cheese trays. If you want to provide something healthy and light, try out our fruit tray or one of our veggie trays. We even offer salsa and guacamole trays so you can spice up any event – and with everything on our menu, it’s always freshly prepared and will offer you an exciting new profile of flavors. 

Even so, we can make your catered event all the more memorable with our unique combinations of flavors and our uniquely inspired offerings. If you need your midday or evening event catered, we’ll provide you with full-service solutions to keep every mouth fed and every attendee satisfied. If you’re looking forward to the St. Patrick’s Day Parade or The Philly Flower Show and you need catered solutions for your next event, give us a call and we’ll cater your lunch or dinner in style. 

How Does Free Delivery Sound?

Let’s cover one more thing that we can do to make your life a whole lot easier when we’re catering your big day, whatever it might be. Don’t worry about delivery fees when you work with us. Other caterers might charge you to deliver your food, but we’ll deliver to you for free, and that’s just one fewer thing you need to coordinate when you’re already involved in planning. 

So whatever you’re planning coming up in the Philly area, we’ll handle your menu. No job is too big or too small. You can have the best of fresh, delicious, healthy food, superior customer service, and free delivery all in one package with us at Waterfront Gourmet. Just give us a call today at one of our locations to speak with us about setting up a menu for your special day and we’ll get the ball rolling.

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