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Organize These Events with Philadelphia Catering Services

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Not all parties have a theme, but not all celebrations need a theme just so you can make the most of them with good company, good times, and good food.

However, the more time you spend preparing for an event – whether it’s prepping food or cooking, setting up decorations and places, or arranging for entertainment – the less time you get to spend with friends and family.

Even in this time where most gatherings are smaller in scope and extra precautions should be taken, there’s no reason you should take the help of professional catering services where you can get them.


Birthdays come once a year for all of us, in and out of the Philadelphia area. They also always come once a year despite the conditions that we are currently facing, and sometimes you just need to see the special people in your life and celebrate with great food.

You can observe the precautions you consider will provide the highest level of safety to your loved ones, and let us take care of the food. We’ve been observing heightened safety protocols since we reopened in May, and we’re placing food safety as well as the well-being of our employees and customers in the highest echelon of importance.

So if you’re considering having that birthday celebration to see an important person you haven’t seen in far too long, you can still do it, and we can help. Just work with us on the planning and you can spend more time with the people that matter, while we take care of the food and the delivery.


Graduations are not as predictable as birthdays, but nothing can stand in the way of a hard-working person’s success, and nothing should. Graduations are not only a time for planning and reflection; they are a time for celebration.

Winter and spring see most of the graduations, and if you’ve been putting off hosting a celebration for yourself or for a loved one, now might be the time to start making plans for the festivities.

Whether you have a small, intimate gathering with close friends and family or have a larger, more traditional celebration for your own graduation is up to you – but we can handle the meals. No graduation celebration is too large or too small. You just have to contact us at one of our locations to get the ball rolling in the right direction.

Celebrate promotions or new jobs

Life events like promotions and securing new jobs are even less predictable than birthdays and graduations, but they should be celebrated nonetheless. Life is made up of special occasions and these are some of them – they shouldn’t have to be put on hold.

Also, the nature of these occurrences might mean that you are left with less than whatever amount of time you would prefer to arrange for a celebration. Whenever you’re working with a time-limited schedule, planning might get frantic.

You might just want to host a small dinner with family to celebrate the event. These are intimate, individual celebrations most of the time, anyway. But what if you don’t want to cook and you can’t go out to eat as a celebration? That’s where catering in Philly can help.

We’re ready to help you as you read this – just pick up the phone and get in touch with us at the location that’s nearest to you and we’ll take care of the rest. We’ll even deliver to you for free at the time of your choosing, and we prepare all orders freshly for delivery!

Retirement celebrations

Retirement celebrations are a lot more predictable than celebrating a promotion or getting a new job. At least most of the time you can see them coming and plan years in advance.

That will, at the very least, give you some more flexibility when you want to plan it. If you retired last year but couldn’t celebrate, there’s nothing stopping you from celebrating this upcoming summer or waiting another year. If you do, then you might be able to plan a really big event with all the bells and whistles, like you may have wanted to do.

Since they don’t sneak up on you, you have the advantage of time. Take your time figuring out how, where, and when you want to plan it, and when you do, work with a Philadelphia catering company to put everything together for success.

Whether you settle on a large party or stick with a small one, you only retire once – so you’ll want to spend the most amount of time possible with the people that have come to celebrate your career. A catering provider will help to add time back into your schedule and give you more time to connect with the people that attend your party.

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Family reunions

Family reunions are another one of those events that you can usually take your time planning and push back if need be. Besides, you’ll need to account for a number of different schedules that can change over time, anyway.

Even though you might not experience a rush while planning for a family reunion or a trip of some sort, that doesn’t mean you won’t feel the pressure of planning and coordination. With family reunions, as with all gatherings, food takes a prime role in the success of the event – and how fondly people remember it.

Since not everyone likes to cook, and since not everyone that does like to cook has the ability to provide for large parties, a catering provider can help you out. Of the catering companies in Philadelphia, we’re not only able to take on both larger and small events, but we’re also able to manage differing dietary needs and preferences. That’s something you’ll want to account for when you’re planning on feeding people you might not have seen in a while.

Weddings and engagement parties

The scope of most wedding and engagement parties makes it very hard to plan for food without the help of a professional caterer, except in the instances of the smallest gatherings. However, even weddings, engagement parties, and receptions of medium-size will tax one person’s ability to plan and coordinate.

Depending on your relationship with the bride and groom, there’s also the possibility that you might not want to be all wrapped up in coordinating and carrying out plans on the day of the big event anyway. These important celebrations are for good times and making good memories. Needless to say, your favorite memory of a wedding will probably not be ensuring that guests are sitting where they’re supposed to be sitting.

Our professional wedding catering staff can take some of that burden off your shoulders. Sure, maybe you’re in charge of enforcing the seating rules, but at least we can take getting the food prepared and delivered on time for you.

Anniversary celebrations

Anniversaries are one of the predictable events in this list. At the very least, you can say that one won’t surprise you. The anniversary celebrations themselves, however, like weddings, often have a lot of participants and some of them might be attendees that you haven’t seen in a while. This introduces a lot of the same preparatory roadblocks that can get in the way of efficiency.

For example, how can you be sure everyone will be pleased with the menu? How can you be sure no one with a dietary restriction or preference will take exception to what you have provided? How can you be sure that all of the menu items will have been prepared fresh and delivered in a timely manner? How about economizing the time you spend with family and managing set up and clean up?

A caterer can help with all of these things and then some, giving you more time to focus on more pressing matters for preparation.

Bridal and baby showers

Bridal and baby showers tend to be smaller in scope than weddings themselves and have only closer, more personal company. On one hand, that does make meal planning easier, if you’re the person tasked with it. On the other hand, a smaller, more personal venue probably means you’ll be wanting to find ways to spend that time engaged with the guests and not with cooking or cleaning.

That’s up to you – but if it does sound appealing, coming up with a catered solution with Waterfront Gourmet as your partner will put more time in your day. There will be less planning, less preparation, and less to clean up afterward. Just more time and energy for seeing the people that matter most.

Game night – of all sorts

There’s more than one type of game night, but all of them have two very basic things in common. They represent a great opportunity to get friends or family (or both) together, and they also demand great food.

Getting a crew together to watch the big-ticket football game of the week, whether it’s your team’s game or not, is a prime opportunity to spoil yourself and some company with delicious, savory meals, and we can bring you that, Thursday Night, Sunday Night, Monday Night, or any other night in between!

For others, game night is a time to bust out the cards or the board games and get back to the simple things that make life enjoyable. These game nights represent an equally viable opportunity for dazzling the company with a great meal!

Any holiday, at any time, throughout the year

The calendar is strewn with holidays. Every month gives someone, somewhere a reason to celebrate, culturally, religiously, or otherwise, and holidays, like the other festivities in this list, give some of the best opportunities for offering delicious, unique foods for making the most of the celebration.

Holidays are also times to be with friends and family and not to be troubling yourself with food prep and cooking – unless that’s your sort of thing. Honestly, even if it is your thing, the cleaning up afterward, and the packaging up of leftovers is not something that makes the list of most peoples’ favorite “holiday memories and traditions.”

If your next holiday celebration is taking place in or around Philadelphia, PA, call us and let us show you how we can make a difference.

Summer barbecues and seasonal soirees

Many people probably don’t turn to catering for their informal friendly and family gatherings, but the truth is, for those who are looking to take a little work off their plates (and replace that work with delicious twists on classic menu items) our catering professionals can help.

Whether you’re just looking to add some healthy snacks to a family barbecue that you’re plotting for the summer or you only want to round out some of your other snacks with some sandwiches and crisp vegetables and dip, catering can make a difference. Then you can sit back and let the good times roll while we worry about the food.

Corporate catering

Finally, there’s corporate catering in Philadelphia, which is different from most of the other types of events on this list because the nature of it is professional instead of personal. There could be more at stake when you need services for corporate lunch catering in Philadelphia for a corporate event instead of just a good time. Business lunches often cover deals, contracts, partnerships, procurement, and more.

That’s why you need to work with the best of the best to ensure the success of the event – call us at our Philadelphia waterfront location or let us know.


Thinking about looking up a ‘waterfront restaurant near me?’ If so, that’s great – but we have two other locations conveniently located throughout the City of Philadelphia and each of our locations is prepared to deliver success for your next upcoming event.

Call the location that is most conveniently located, according to your needs, and speak with a member of our staff. We’ll come up with a special menu that takes your requirements and preferences into account, we’ll even prepare your food freshly for delivery and delivery will be free!

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