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Philadelphia – City of History And Fame (And The Best Deli Around!)



Philadelphia - City of History And Fame (And The Best Deli Around!)

Philadelphia is The Hub of Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon

The game ‘Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon’ has been a party favorite for over 20 years. It is based on the idea that any person is only six steps away from any other (in the context of a “friend of a friend” type of association…) and the fun comes from seeing if you can connect a person to Kevin Bacon in six steps or less. But did you know that Kevin Bacon is from Philadelphia? So no matter how many degrees separate us from him, we all have one commonality; we come from Philadelphia, which has the best catering and deli downtown – Waterfront Gourmet!

Kevin Bacon has great company in his Philadelphia roots. There are many well known and famous people who have hailed from this great, historic city, including actors, musicians, artists and more! “In West Philadelphia, born and raised,” were the lyrics made famous by Will Smith on the theme song of his 1990’s TV show, Fresh Prince of Bel Aire. But did you realize those words were actually the story of his real life? Will Smith has attained fame in both acting and music, and joining him in calling Philly their hometown are other musical greats like Patti LaBelle, Chubby Checker and Joan Jett. Even Taylor Swift has roots planted in the heart of Philadelphia!

Philadelphia is Home to More Fame Than Just The Best Deli and Catering

There are many Philadelphians citing television fame. Michael Landon, of Little House on the Prarie, called 19106 home. So did Joey Lawrence, made famous by his television roles in Gimme a Break, Blossom and Melissa and Joey. And do you remember Kate Gosslin, the mom of 8, in the reality show Jon & Kate Plus Eight? She was born in Philadelphia too! (Too bad she wasn’t here when she had her children because our she could have gotten the best catering from our deli in Philly which could have helped her have a little less chaos in her day!) And Kevin Eubanks, who worked beside Jay Leno as the leader for the Tonight Show Band, got his early musical training at the Settlement Music School in 19147!

Philly’s A-listers go beyond actors and musicians. Comedians WC Fields, Kevin Hart and Tina Fey all came from Philadelphia! Who hasn’t heard of Dick Clark? Then there are famous cartoonists like Bill Keane, who drew Family Circus. Amar Bose, the founder of BOSE, was raised in Philadelphia. We even have a famous magician, Teller of the famed Penn and Teller, came from our 19123 as well! Let’s not forget the Philly athletes like Wilt Chamberlain, Reggie Jackson, Joe Frazier and Kobe Bryant! Keeping in mind Philadelphia’s rich history, we can even claim Betsy Ross as our hometown gal!

So the next time you are getting a bunch of friends together, why not play a round or two of Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon? You can depend on Waterfront Gourmet to get the best deli catering in downtown Philadelphia! If you are in University City or anywhere in downtown Philadelphia, call us at 267-308-5108 (University City) or 267-227-1994 (Penn’s Landing) to deliver some amazing deli food to make your gathering Philly perfect!

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