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The Power of a Delicious Signature Salad

Why Serving Delicious Signature Salads Will Make Your Summer Event Even Hotter

The summer weather can be sweltering in Philadelphia. Yet, as the heat and humidity rise, so does our festive atmosphere. The people of Philadelphia love a good summer event, and with the perfect delicious summer salads from Waterfront Gourmet Cafe & Deli you will be ready to deliver a hot event that can withstand the summer heat.

Ideal Complement to Other Summer Foods

Throwing a successful summer party is dependent on good food. However, the summer heat can dampen our appetites and leave us craving smaller portions and refreshing foods. That is why watermelon has become a seasonal favorite! Another favorite food when the heat goes up are crunchy, healthy, delicious summer salads. These lighter options provide the perfect complement to other backyard favorites, such as burgers on the grill.

Plus, it is easy to match the ingredients in a delicious summer salad to the rest of your event. A few changes and adjustment to the ingredients in one salad create an entirely different flavor profile and a whole new salad. One option is more refreshing than the next. There is a summer salad from Waterfront Gourmet Cafe & Deli for every occasion, from graduation party to backyard get-together, and every menu, from upscale cuisine to BBQ.

A Healthy Alternative

Delicious signature salads are healthy alternatives to some of the typical side dishes you find at backyard BBQ’s and summer work events. The carefully constructed salads from Waterfront Gourmet Cafe & Deli are packed with all-natural, fresh foods, such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. These nutritious foods provide vitamins and minerals your guests want and need in their daily diet.

When you get rid of the pre-packaged and deep fried foods, you also eliminate saturated fats, unnecessary calories, and sodium. The outcome is a group of guests who feel satisfied, but healthy, after the meal. Whether you are hosting the family reunion or a work retreat, when your guests feel good the atmosphere will also stay effortless and positive.

The Vegetarian Option


If a group of people at your event or party is unhappy it can cause a ripple effect that impacts the entire crowd. The rest of your guests will inherently notice and respond to dissatisfaction or unease from a small number of people. One way certain hosts unintentionally cause unease is by ignoring the need for vegetarian food.

Vegetarians complain that the typical summer cookout or graduation party does not have many options to fill their plates, but delicious summer salads can be a fantastic way to give people who are vegan or vegetarian at your event a substantial amount of food. However, just as all non-vegetarians have different taste-buds, so do vegetarians. Select a few salad options to make sure everyone at the event is happy with your food.

When it comes to catering delicious summer salads for your next event, Waterfront Gourmet is the best in Philly! We have a selection of summer salads to choose from and can help you pick the perfect pairings based on your other catering choices and guest preferences. When the heat goes up this summer, Waterfront Gourmet Cafe & Deli can make sure you don’t feel it by throwing the perfectly catered event or party. Order delicious summer salads today!

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