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Restaurant Catering

Always Fresh, Always Awesome!

Restaurant Catering Center City

If you need to feed a crowd don’t waste your time fretting over restrictions. Waterfront Gourmet is the right fit for you! We’ve got salads, sandwiches, and the party trays that you need to fuel your guests! We understand that people have different tastes, and that’s why we keep so many options available. Vegetarian? No problem. Vegan? Got you covered! With our help, every single person at your event will have the perfect bite to eat!

Restaurant Catering Philadelphia

Looking for restaurant catering? We’ve got your back! Our catering menu is filled with wholesome and delicious options we know you’ll love.

Fruits, veggies, hummus, and more! Delivered fresh daily, our trays will keep everyone satisfied! Check out our options today!

Opt for our deli-style sandwiches, hoagies, and wraps. With a side of salad or fruit and dessert, you’ll have a full meal from start to finish!

For a center city restaurant catering service that won’t disappoint, Waterfront Gourmet has everything you need to keep all your guests happy. From fruits and veggies to cheese and crackers, we’ve got the food to keep every palate happy whether it’s vegetarian, vegan, or just loves great flavor! Contact us and let’s get your restaurant catering on point!