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sopressata sandwich

We had this amazing sopressata sandwich when we were in Frankfurt Germany. Sopressata is an Italian dry salami, also called sopressata Veneta. Unfortunately it’s not that easy to define sopressata. Most sources give you contradictory opinions on what the word means, what part of Italy it comes from etc.


After tasting scores of them recently, I can at least tell you how the word is used in America. It usually refers to a fat, round, dried sausage that is somewhere between 7 Inch and 10 long, somewhere between 1 1/2 Inch and 3 Inch diameter, slices of it are usually wider than slices of dried sausage. The most important thing is that sopressata is much more coarsely ground than salami, with big chunk of pork and fat visible. Sopressata is available sweet and Hot both can be terrific.


We are so excited to bring you some good sopressata sandwich recipes to our Cafe. There are only a few simple ingredients in the sandwich, but in combination, you get something extra ordinarily and tasty. Stay tuned!


– hanna –


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