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The Sweet, the Spicy, and the Summer Classics from a Philadelphia Catering Company

A Philadelphia Catering Company’s Roundup of Summer’s Favorite Foods

The official start to summer isn’t until next week, but Philadelphia is already feeling the heat. The rising temperatures are drawing people outside throughout the city, and everyone is throwing their first summer BBQ or backyard party. At Waterfront Gourmet Cafe & Deli, our Philadelphia catering company, the change in season also means big changes to our menu and catering options.

This year we are serving up some of summer’s favorite foods, but with some twists. These ingredients are too good to keep to ourselves. So, from our Philadelphia catering company here is a roundup of the foods making our mouths water in summer 2017.

Fruit and Summer Just Go Together

There is something about sweet, juicy fruits and summer that seem made for one another. Strawberries and watermelon have long been summer favorites, and are quintessential parts of a great summer fruit salad. However, we’re always looking to provide some options unique to other catering companies, and mango seemed like summer’s perfect choice.

Magno is lush and delicious, but can be used for savory and spicy recipes, as well. This Philadelphia catering company is always looking for creative ways to include mango, and other sweet fruits, in our salads, salsas, and wraps.

The Sweet, the Spicy, and the Summer Classics from a Philadelphia Catering Company

Back in 2014 it felt like avocados were having a moment, but with the arrival of summer 2017 and the continued popularity of avocados, it must be admitted that avocados are having a decade. Chefs are finding new ways to serve the delicious fruit, and customer are, literally, eating it right up. Some cities are even getting their own avocado-based restaurants in summer 2017.

The Heat Is In the Kitchen

People in Philadelphia are craving spicy foods this summer. It has been a trend over the past year to kick up the heat and add a bit more chili to certain menu options. There has been a corresponding rise in sales of spicy condiments, from Tabasco to Siracha. There are even hot sauce and salsa festivals taking place around the country.

The craze doesn’t seem to be slowing down under the summer heat, as everything from BBQ wings to hot sauce on breakfast sandwiches are popular choices. While deli sandwiches and salads are not inherently spicy foods, at Waterfront Gourmet Cafe & Deli, we are bringing the heat in our kitchen for summer 2017 with new salsas on the menu and spicy additions to other menu items.

All About the Eggs

For a few years the yolk in egg had a bad reputation. Certain nutritionists believed the cholesterol in egg yolk was aiding and abetting the high cholesterol problem in the United States. However, it seems egg yolk has cleared its name. The protein found in eggs can keep you full throughout a hot summer’s day, and eggs are appearing on more and more menus as brunch becomes everyone’s favorite word.

The breakfast sandwich has always been a staple at the Waterfront Gourmet Cafe & Deli. We serve it on bagels, with avocado, and alongside our perfect latte. To make sure our Philadelphia catering company’s menu is filled with egg-cellent options this summer, we can even bring our delicious breakfast sandwiches to your boardroom or brunch.

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