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The Philadelphia Deli Restaurant That Does Lunch Right

Those intense lunchtime cravings aren’t going to be satisfied by a soggy burger from that fast food place near your job. When you’ve worked hard all morning, you need a snack that’s nutritious and tasty and is specially made to get you through the rest of the day. You want a meal that is fresh, vibrant, and delicious, you want a healthy sandwich that’s loaded with wholesome veggies, premium meats and gourmet cheeses, or maybe what you’re into is hearty soups and fresh salads. Whatever it is that you’re craving, you’ll find it at Waterfront Gourmet. We’re the top Philadelphia deli restaurant. Want to know why?

It’s because we’ve got all the good stuff. The kinds of hearty, mouth-watering snacks that you just can’t wait to snack on. Like Philly’s sandwich favorite, the cheesesteak. We fill our version with seasoned roast beef, mushrooms, melted pepper jack cheese, red onions, roasted peppers and spicy mayo, and it’s absolutely amazing. Seriously. But perhaps it’s a club sandwich that you’ve worked up an appetite for. Well, we can make you a tasty toasted triple decker that we load up with your choice of turkey, roast beef, tuna, grilled chicken, or chicken salad, then we add on piles of lettuce, tomato and crispy bacon. This is a thoroughly delicious and filling sandwich classic that you’ve just got to try!

Delicious, Gourmet Deli Delivery

Add a cup or bowl of soup, some chips, or a side salad and you’ve just mastered lunch. Oh, and about those salads… How does a classic Cobb sound? Or maybe you’re in the mood for a totally tantalizing kale based Caesar, or our Mediterranean, which we pile with plenty of hummus, olives, tomatoes, cucumbers, feta cheese and grilled pita bread on some crunchy, crispy lettuce? Sounds yum, doesn’t it? Well, you can only get it at Waterfront Gourmet. We’re the tastiest and best Philadelphia deli restaurant. So if you’re hungry for something delicious, come on over.

Fortunately for you and your food cravings, there’s probably a Waterfront Gourmet near you right now. We’ve got locations in University City, Roberts Center, Dilworth Plaza, and Penn’s Landing and we’re ready and waiting to serve you the best sandwiches in town. There’s indoor and outdoor seating for when the weather heats up (Soon, hopefully! We’re kinda over winter). So don’t grab your lunch and go, we want you to stay awhile. Relax. Get comfortable and people watch while you snack and sip some of our delicious Bali Bean coffee.


If you really must get back to the job and work through lunch, at least you can make everyone jealous of your totally awesome and delicious sandwich. Whether you’re munching on a steak quesadilla sandwich, or a BLT, or maybe a teriyaki hoagie, or our turkey Cubano, everyone is gonna be checking out your lunch. It’s up to you if you’re gonna share or just let them stare.

We’re the Philadelphia deli restaurant you need in your lunchtime repertoire. We just want to help you get through the busy work week with crave-worthy concoctions that you just can’t get enough of. We want to become your go-to snack spot and we’re here for you all day long. So if you’re looking to fill up before work with our breakfast wraps, paninis, burritos, or the classic bagel with cream cheese, or you want a tasty sandwich for a break during the busy working day, or even if you’re just looking for something good to bring home for dinner, then come on by. We’d love to see you and make you some delicious food every day. We’re pretty sure that when you try our sandwiches, soups, and salads and sample the way we blend delicious deli classics with globally inspired flavors, we’ll become your favorite Philadelphia deli restaurant, and you’re gonna come back for more and more.

So come visit any of our area locations for a tasty breakfast, hearty lunch, or delicious dinner. We want you to know that we cater, too, so you should keep us in mind for your next event, gathering, or party. We’ll do each and every kind of sandwich that you and the gang will love – wraps, paninis, burritos, subs, and we even add in some veggie and fruit trays, and chips and dips. How about cookies, cupcakes, chocolate covered pretzels, or brownies for dessert? We can and will do it all to make your meeting, conference or seminar perfect. Whether it’s a catered event, or just an early morning snack, late afternoon or evening meal, we’ve got you covered, and we’ve got what you’re hungry for. Want to know what’s on our menu? Check it out here! Or just stop by. We’d really like to see you and make you a sandwich you’ll love!

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