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The Philadelphia Waterfront Restaurant with a Delicious Menu

When you’re hungry, you want a meal that’s hearty and satisfying, something that will fill you up and keep you going for the busy day ahead. That’s why you should come to Waterfront Gourmet. We’re Philly’s top deli cafe and we’ve got the tastiest sandwiches around. Whether you’re after a tasty breakfast, hearty lunch, or a delicious dinner, we’ve got you covered.

Want a sandwich that’s loaded with the freshest veggies and premium meats and cheeses?

Then we’re the corner deli for you. Especially if you’ve got a craving for Philadelphia’s premiere sandwich. We’ve definitely got just what you need. We want you to know that we make our cheesesteaks with a heaping helping of premium seasoned roast beef, some melted pepper jack cheese, roasted peppers, red onions and a schmear of spicy mayo. We pile these fresh ingredients between a hoagie roll that’s soft and chewy on the inside and crispy and crunchy on the outside which means every mouthful is a tantalizing blend of satisfying textures and delicious flavors.

No matter the kind of sandwich you’re craving, Waterfront Gourmet is the Philadelphia waterfront restaurant with a tasty version that you’ll just love. Take our incredible selection of delicious paninis, for example. Our current favorite is the Paisano. To prepare this classic, we layer tender grilled chicken over some prosciutto piccolo and a slice of sharp provolone, we add a bit of delicate arugula and fire roasted peppers on freshly baked bread, then we top everything with a rich basil pesto sauce and then toast it to perfection. The result is just so incredibly tasty. But you really can’t go wrong with any of our paninis, from our spicy Cubano to our hearty roast beef, and so much more.

Now, maybe what you’re into is vegetarian fare? Well, then we’re the Philadelphia waterfront restaurant that’s just for you. Some other delis and dining spots may just offer a veggie burger for their vegan and vegetarian diners, but Waterfront Gourmet is different. We’re better because we provide you with so much more fresh veggie-based sandwich options. From spicy tofu burritos to spinach, avocado, and tofu subs to a wide variety of breakfast sandwiches to pinto bean, red pepper, and pepper jack cheese quesadillas… Oh, and if you want a veggie burger, we can do that too!

The fact is, any and every sandwich from Waterfront Gourmet is just perfect.  But we do more than just find delicious and exciting ways to combine meat, veggies, cheese, and bread. We also prepare incredible soups, delicious breakfasts, and decadent desserts, and we whip up loads of salads, too. Perfect for those following a paleo or keto regimen. Especially our classic Cobb- filled with loads of grilled chicken, bacon, boiled eggs, and avocado, it’s as meaty and hearty as it gets. When you taste how good this salad is, you’ll want to have it every day. Soon you’ll be craving our menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. That’s fine, we can take care or your appetite, no matter how big it is.

You should know that we can take care of a hungry crowd, too. Yes, Waterfront Gourmet has a delicious catering menu that’s perfect for any event, whether it’s a corporate meeting or seminar, party, wedding, or other celebration. We can arrange our gourmet sandwich trays that we will fill with a selection of your guest’s favorites, or if you just need a few appetizers, we can whip up a fresh veggie or seasonal fruit platter, a hummus, cucumber, tomato, and grilled pita platter, or a chip and salsa or guacamole tray. Then we’ll finish everything up with a dessert spread loaded with cakes, brownies, cookies, cupcakes, and chocolate dipped pretzels that no one can say no to. And why would they? If anything, they’ll come back for more.

With help from Waterfront Gourmet, your event will be a success, something that your guests will talk about for quite some time. That’s because we’re the Philadelphia waterfront restaurant that does everything that we can to keep you satisfied, so check out our catering menu to see what we can do for you. What’s more, you’ll be thrilled to know that there are four locations in the city and surrounding areas, so just contact the restaurant nearest your event to get things started.

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Whether for a catered event or if you just can’t get enough of Waterfront Gourmet, you can dine with us whenever and wherever you want. Whether you’re downtown, by the waterfront, or anywhere in between, we’re here for you. So come check out our University City, Roberts Center, Dilworth Plaza, or Penn’s Landing restaurants and we’ll fix you something totally tasty. We can’t wait to see you, so come on by now!

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