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Tips for Staying Healthy at Home

With the recent orders coming from the governor to keep us inside to help slow the spread of the novel Coronavirus, it can seem like options for recreation and a healthy lifestyle are limited. Even though it might seem that way, a little bit of creativity can go a long way in keeping the mind and body healthy. As we take such pride in offering you healthy options for your diet using locally sourced ingredients, we’d like to take this opportunity to give you a few tips to stay healthy at home while these quarantines are in place. While you’re waiting for your favorite restaurants and catering in Philadelphia to open back up, there’s plenty you can do at home to stay healthy.

Keep Moving

You can’t play the sports you were used to playing. You can’t even go to the gym anymore. But that’s all alright. You can still keep active in your home. There are lots of channels where you can follow the same routines you were used to following before things shut down. Some gyms are even offering classes online.



Even if you don’t have the weight training equipment at home that you’re used to using, there are plenty of full-body weight exercises that you can comfortably practice at home that will keep your blood flowing and help you keep in shape. You can also stretch at home and practice activities like yoga and mindfulness exercises.

Eat Healthy and Keep Hydrated

Just because your favorite spot for catering in Philadelphia is temporarily closed doesn’t mean you can’t keep eating healthy. In fact, taking this time to prepare your own meals at home will free you up to completely take the reins of your diet and experiment with new recipes and flavors. Resist the temptation to indulge too heavily in prepared foods, use this quarantine as an opportunity to cook more and prepare your own meals.

In addition, the indoors have a knack for being either too dry or too humid. Don’t let yourself get dehydrated – make sure you drink plenty of fluids while you’re stuck inside, even if your normal routine is out of whack.

Keep Your Home Clean

You can take the extra time you’ll be spending at home and use it for around the home projects that you may have been putting off because you were previously too busy. They’ll help to engage your mind and keep your hands busy.

Or, you can just use the extra time you do a deep cleaning of your home. That might have been something that you practiced routinely anyway, but it’s always a good habit to get into. All the more considering the fact that we are quarantined due to the spread of a virus. 

Keep Your Mind Healthy, Too!

Keeping your mind healthy and engaged is just as important as healthy eating and physical exercise. Being stuck in confined quarters for prolonged periods can have a detrimental effect on mental health, but there are plenty of ways around it. 

If you’re a crafter, keep your mind healthy and engaged by pursuing your craft. Paint, draw, write, play music, knit – it doesn’t matter what your favorite craft is. Now is a time when you will arguably have more time to devote to it than you will in the near future, so seize the day. Even if you just jump into a puzzle, you’ll keep your mind creative and your hands busy.

Now is also a great time to pick up a piece of literature and give it the time and attention it deserves. If there are any formidable works on your reading lists, now might just be the perfect time to tackle them. You may have plenty of time to sit down with a great book and spend a few hours digesting it. 

Keep In Touch With Friends and Loved Ones

One of the great things about the modern world is that you’re never more than a skype call, a facetime, or a text away from your friends and loved ones. While you should be careful about interaction and practice social distancing where possible, that’s no reason to cut yourself off from your support system.



Give your friends a call instead of a text and spend some time catching up. Call a family member that you haven’t properly talked to in too long. The bars are closed, they can wait. Now is a good opportunity to spend some quality virtual time with the important people in your life. 


We understand that you’re waiting patiently for your favorite waterfront restaurant to reopen so you can get some quality catering in Philadelphia, and we look forward to seeing you again soon too. However, the health of our valued customers is of the utmost importance to us. So, until we can start offering you fresh, healthy meals once more, try out some of our tips. Stay safe and stay healthy.

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