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Tips to Successfully Cater a Holiday Party

holiday catering Philadelphia

The holidays are right around the corner, and in the event that you’re planning on taking them on this year, it’s going to be a lot of work. If you came looking for some pointers to help make the load more bearable, you’re in the right place. Our catering services in Philadelphia have handled many birthdays, weddings, corporate events, and holiday gatherings, and we know a thing or two about how to make sure catered events come together successfully.

Get started early

It’s best to get started planning the party early, even before you know the details. You’ll be setting most of the details anyway.

We’re running out of time this year to get a truly early start, but better late than never. Determine what you’d want to serve, who will be going, and what type of theme, if any, you’d like to provide for your guests.

Then you can get to shopping, not only for snacks and refreshments, but also for decorations, entertainment, and more. You’d be surprised (or maybe you wouldn’t be) how many last-minute items can become an issue that you didn’t even notice the day before! Failing to plan is planning to fail, after all.

Know who’s going!

You’ll want to know who’s going to be in attendance chiefly so you can make arrangements with a catering company in Philadelphia to handle the Waterfront Gourmet menu you plan to offer, but that’s not the only reason.

What type of entertainment will you provide? What type of other refreshments will you offer? Who do you need to prepare gifts for? How will you arrange for seating, or what other indoor arrangements will you need to make in anticipation of the big day?

Getting a guest list together and securing responses from the invitees will minimize your stress and streamline your planning.

Determine your guests’ special dietary needs and interests

The other reason to know who will be attending your party, and as well ahead of time as possible, is so you will be about to take account of personal tastes and preferences as well as dietary needs.

Is anyone in your family, or are any of your friends, following a diet that requires gluten-free offerings? Are there any attendees that are vegan or vegetarian? Maybe just some picky eaters?

Knowing this ahead of time will not only help you but also your caterer.

Offer a diverse menu

When it comes to catering in Philly, we wrote the book on a diverse menu. We take proven classics and revitalize them with a novel twist. Our flavor pairings have put us on the map, and it’s why our customers keep coming back for more, time and time again.

Just check out our menu to learn more about our unique flavor pairing, and call us up if you have any questions!

Set the scene

Once you have everything planned out in terms of food and refreshments, attendance, seating and other arrangements, entertainment and anything else you need to prepare for you can get to setting the scene with decorations or whatever other layouts you have planned.

Do it well ahead of time – like early in the day or even the night before, and you’ll be ready to wow when the guests arrive.

Prepare to wow!

Once you have catering squared away and everything set up, it’s your time to shine! We’ll handle the food, you simply see to the good times for your guests.

Let Us Help

With barely more than two weeks to get your planning finished and everything else in order (which we recognize will not solely revolve around the meal) you only have a little bit of time left in the calendar to prepare for holiday festivities. In the words of Dr. Seuss, “It’s practically here!”

Even if you are only planning a small, intimate gathering this holiday season in light of recent events, we’re always here to help. Faithfully serving the community with our catering in Philadelphia, PA has been as much of a goal of ours as crafting new and delicious dishes on the fly.

If you’re looking for a Philadelphia catering company that can help you out with all of the pointers listed above, we’re your team. Just get in touch with our Philadelphia Waterfront restaurant in Penn’s Landing or one of our other locations and get the ball rolling today. You can’t be too soon, and even with the help of Philly catering, the holidays will be upon us in the blink of an eye.

We’ll help you out through the process of preparing and furnishing your guests and attendees with food with the diligence, care, and attention that we always have, and then we’ll even prepare your meal freshly to order before delivering – free of charge.

Call us up today at the location nearest you and we’ll help you cross “meal planning” off of the list of things you need to get done as a part of your master plan!

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