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Ultimate Secrets to Having the Best Catering

4 Incredibly Useful Tips for Choosing the Best Catering

Vegetarian Sandwiches Contribute to the Best Catering in Philadelphia

Not counting the venue, one of the most significant factors in determining the overall success of your event is the food you serve. While it may not seem like a deciding factor, the food and beverages you serve can be the difference between an event being a pleasurable experience and one that sends your guests running for the exit. To help make sure your event has the best catering possible, make sure to follow these useful tips:

Schedule a Tasting

To really know the food quality a caterer has to offer, you need to try it. Most quality caterers provide some form of a tasting session. By scheduling a tasting session with a few different catering companies, you can not only try the food, but it will also help you to determine the type of presentation each company offers.  Tasting sessions will also help to ascertain which dishes you would like added to your menu and will give you an opportunity to explore whether the caterers are willing to prepare any specialty dishes you may require for your big event.

Do Some Research

To ensure you have the best catering option for your event, start the process by doing a little primary research online about what options you have in your area that can accommodate an event like yours. Remember to check out the following about each company:

  • Ensure they Can Provide Service At Your Venue
  • Know Their Fees and Prices
  • Explore Menu Choices
  • Know Their Payment and Service Options
  • Read Their Reviews (not only about food but their service as a whole)
  • Check How Far They Are From Your Venue

Always look for any relevant information that can help avoid delays or unwanted issues later on. For instance, upfront payments or additional fees for venue locations could cause frustrating roadblocks at later points.

Menu Flexibility

Most catering companies have some form of special catering menu to help you explore your options. However, many caterers allow some flexibility to their menu to adapt and meet the needs of every client. While many caterers will provide a few choice selections, standout caterers go above and beyond the standard options and offer fare that meets particular themes, wants, or dietary needs.

Establish a Cancellation Plan

While no dignified caterer goes into a catering contract with plans to walk out on you at the last minute, you need to make sure you establish some form of a cancellation clause just in case your caterer does have to cancel. Before signing a contract, get detailed information about how they manage situations when they have to cancel. Find out if:

  • In the event of a cancellation, they will return your security deposit
  • The caterer offers a backup provider or referral you can go to in the event of an emergency
  • There are any penalties put in place to avoid a situation leaving you without any caterer days (or even hours) before your big event

If you are looking for a high-quality catering company for all of your office events, check out the Waterfront Gourmet Cafe & Deli. Our company has an outstanding reputation for being one of the best catering options in the entirety of Philadelphia. To find out more about how we can help cater your next event, call us at 267-227-1994, or send us a note using our online message system.  Our previous clients can vouch for our incredible service and gourmet cuisine.  Speak with us today!

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