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Visit Our Waterfront Restaurant With Fresh, New Flavors

Finding fresh, healthy food that offers you new flavors and interesting new combinations can be hard to find. Sometimes it seems like you have to choose between convenience and flavor or flavor and healthiness. It might seem like there’s just so much of the same old stuff out there and that’s because there is. So many venues are content to serve up the same menu options season after season without pursuing excellence in flavor and presentation. If you’re looking for something new and different, you’re in luck. If you’re looking for a waterfront restaurant that not only offers charm but also offers a wealth of interesting and piquant twists on classic sandwiches, salads and more, then come and check us out at our location at Penn’s Landing on 5 N Columbus Road. 

New Flavors, Diverse Options

Here at Waterfront Gourmet, we’re entirely committed to crafting and perfecting new styles and flavors. Every gourmet sandwich, panini or salad you’ll find on the menu will present you with a recognizably classic style that will mix in some new elements that will make it not only novel but delicious. That’s the spirit of Waterfront Gourmet – fresh ingredients and interesting and delicious combinations.

Come for breakfast and be amazed by tried and tried favorites like their Waterfront Breakfast Egg Sandwich that brings you the freshest eggs, cheese and your choice of meat for a classic offering. Or you could go with a choice like their Whitefish Bagel that offers a delicious balance of smoked whitefish, cream cheese tomatoes and onions. That’s one of the beautiful things about our waterfront restaurant – you’ll find classics and unique new offerings side by side.

Visit us for lunch and go with one of our gourmet sandwiches or paninis like our London Broil or our Chipotle Chicken Panini, which pairs the savory notes of chipotle chicken and Gouda cheese with tangy honey mustard. For an interesting twist on old elements choose our Asian Decker which offers teriyaki chicken with the tart sweetness of Russian dressing. Or you could stop by and grab a salad like our Classic Cobb Salad or choose something sweet and savory like our Arugula Apple Salad. Lunch, like breakfast, will awaken your senses with a dazzling variety of new twists on old favorites. Flavor and freshness are guaranteed, and you’ll also be surprised in the subtle magnificence of our offerings.

We hope you visit us for a treat whether you visit us for breakfast or lunch since it can be tough to find delicious, healthy food that distinguishes itself, but even if you can’t stop by our waterfront restaurant in Penn’s Landing there’s some good news in store. We have three other convenient locations for you to stop by when you’re in the neighborhood. Come check out our location at 3131 Walnut Street in University City, or our spot at Roberts Center on 2716 South Street. Of, if you happen to be in Center City, stop by our location at Dilworth Plaza at 1414 South Penn Square. Whether you stop by our waterfront restaurant location in Penn’s Landing or visit us at one of our other locations, we’d be glad to treat you to our singular style. If you love delicious, healthy food with the freshest ingredients featuring new flavors to tickle your palate, then you’ll love what we can offer you at Waterfront Gourmet.

We Cater Too!

We know that once you get a taste of our one of a kind style, you won’t be able to get enough, and we’re proud to offer catering for your next event. Not only do we offer delicious and fresh food in-store at our locations but we’d be happy to impress your guests or visitors at your next meeting with a freshly catered meal featuring our signature style.

Call us up at our nearest location to your event and let us know what you need. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have and offer you the very best in catering. If you’d like to make vegetarian or healthy options you might choose to go with our Fruit Tray offering fresh seasonal fruit and berries. You and your guests will love our Veggie Tray or our Hummus Tray with grilled pita bread and sliced tomatoes and cucumbers. Cater lunch with a tray of Specialty Sandwiches, Hoagies or Wraps. Offer snacks with our Salsa or Guacamole Trays. We’ll even cater breakfast for you with your choice in bagels and pastries or breakfast sandwiches.

Sometimes catering can be a hassle and take a lot of time, but our selections are unique and our service is top flight. We want to make the process easy and enjoyable for you, so we even offer free shipping with our catering. Just give us a call and we’ll be happy to make ordering and delivery easy and efficient.

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