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Waterfront Gourmet Is a Celebration of Unique Food Cultures


Proud to Provide Many Unique Food Cultures in a Single Cafe

If there is one characteristic that has separated Waterfront Gourmet from other Philadelphia cafes from the start, it is the incorporation of unique food cultures into the menu. Led by our cafe owner, Hanna, the appreciation for diverse flavors and foods has been a staple of our cafe and deli. From our signature sandwiches to our rotating catering options, Waterfront Gourmet is incredibly proud to offer flavor combinations that originate from all over the world.

Read on to find out more about how unique food cultures influence our cafe and why this tradition is important

Reviving Bygone Traditions of the Delicatessen


Hanna, the hospitality extraordinaire and owner of Waterfront Gourmet, is originally from Indonesia. Her culinary roots run deep in satay and spice-filled foods.  When she moved to Philadelphia it was a different food culture that captured her attention. Exploring local foods, Hanna developed a soft spot for the traditional American deli and cafe.

Delis have long been the places of meetings and work lunches in the United States, but their origins are actually in unique food cultures from Europe. Whether you find yourself in Scandinavia, Germany, or even France, you are never far from a delicatessen. These restaurants eventually became synonymous with sandwiches, but delis started as purveyors of fine foods and upscale cheeses.

It is in this tradition of high-quality, gourmet foods that Waterfront Gourmet was founded.


Our deli is focused on providing only the best meats, cheeses, breads, and produce in our sandwiches, wraps, salads, and soups. The delicatessen remains part of the unique food cultures of Europe, and Waterfront Gourmet strives to keep that culture alive in Philadelphia.

Keeping Up with Cafe Culture

Of course, the other half of our food offerings come from a very different type of establishment in European culture: the cafe. The cafe is traditionally a haunt of writers, a location for a quick morning coffee, and an establishment designed to while away the hours in calm relaxation.

Waterfront Gourmet is acutely aware that cafes retain a revered status across France, Italy, Spain, and even Australia. The lively cafe culture cultivated on the streets of Melbourne and Paris provides the ideal picture of what Waterfront Gourmet aims to deliver every day, through excellent coffee and fantastic breakfast items, right here in Philadelphia.

Art of Mixing Flavors


Waterfront Gourmet is not content to simply be another cafe or deli on the map. We see the future of casual dining as an opportunity to create a diverse space that offers a relaxed environment with incredible food. That is why combining unique food cultures is one of the focuses of our rotating menu. For example, at our cafe you can follow a spicy Mexican cuisine inspired salad with a macaron. Alternatively, dip into our morning bagels with lox along with your Italian Illy coffee.

Over the years Waterfront Gourmet has become a melting pot of awesome, unique food cultures and a place to celebrate the interesting flavors offered by great chefs around the globe.

You can find Waterfront Gourmet in three convenient locations in central Philadelphia. Join us in discovering flavor combinations and incredible dishes!

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