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Waterfront Gourmet Is the Penn’s Landing Restaurant You Can’t Miss

Looking for new culinary experiences that meet all of your criteria can be tough. You want fresh ingredients and healthy offerings no matter where you choose to get a table or place an order. But you also probably want a break from the ordinary. So often you’ll walk into a deli and hear someone call out “I’ll have the usual.” Take a look at any menu in a deli and you’ll see ham and cheese and roast beef and mayonnaise on any menu. That’s nothing against classic arrangements – they’re popular for a reason. But when you go out to spend your hard-earned money on a fresh bite, sometimes it’s really refreshing to break the mold. Sometimes you just want a new fusion of flavors to liven up your day. That’s the trick – getting a bite to eat is no problem when you’re checking out Penn’s Landing restaurants. Getting a break from the ordinary is what’s tough.

It can be even tougher to find yourself a place to get a sandwich or a salad with fresh, new flavors if you’re on the go. Convenience is a premium, and oftentimes that time you need to save comes at the quality of the food you eat.

Here’s the thing – it shouldn’t. We here at Waterfront Gourmet understand the value of attention to flavor and menu offerings, and we don’t believe that you should have to settle for the ordinary even when you’re on the go. Dining experiences should present you with a symphony of flavors regardless of the discipline of the cooks. If you’re looking for Penn’s Landing restaurants where you can stop in for a quick bite that will rejuvenate you with a rush of flavors that you’ll only find in the offerings in our menu, then stop by our location at 5 N Columbus Boulevard at Penn’s Landing by the Delaware River.

Take a look at our menu and you will find offerings that never rest on their laurels, and never settle for the everyday. We might build our recipes on the bones of familiar staples, but our finished dishes always offer you a savory twist. It doesn’t matter whether one of our sandwiches catches your eye or one of our salads. In each one of them, you will discover a harmonious mix of flavors that awakens your appreciation for fine food and the care and attention that go into making it. Our signature plates combine ingredients in a unique manner that defines us here at Waterfront Gourmet, where the pursuit of culinary excellence is our vision and definition. All you need to do is stop on in when you’re in search of Penn’s Landing restaurants that offer you one of a kind flavors and stimulating experience.

Which reminds us – being on the go means that sometimes you need to stop in quickly and you need to be in town. If you’re not in the vicinity of Penn’s Landing but still looking for a novel dining experience and new flavors, stop by one of our other three locations.

Stop in our location at 1414 South Penn Square at Dilworth Plaza, right by City Hall. When you’re passing through Center City or just enjoying the town, stop right on in and let us refresh you with a special treat.

If you’re west of Center City, stop in our location at 2716 South Street at Roberts Center or our other location in University City at 3131 Walnut Street. Ideal for students who need to take a break from studying or those who need to step out of the office for a break and some lunch, we’d love to catch you at any of our locations so we can renew your appreciation for fine food. We’re perfectly situated for you to catch us whenever you’re passing through – just stop in our nearest location. Once you’ve tasted our style, we know you’ll want to come on back in.

By the way, we’re never content to let the ordinary be good enough. We offer you savory and succulent dishes that you’re sure to love, but even crowd-pleasers need a change every once in a while, and we understand that. Variety is the spice of life, and our menu is constantly evolving. Part of the pursuit of flavor means changing things up. We’re constantly trying out new dishes and mixing up new flavors so that regardless of when you pay us a visit, you can find something to give you a pleasant surprise. We’re always on the search for new trends and new flavors that we can use to make our menu offerings ever better. We’re proud to offer you convenience, atmosphere, and delicious menu stylings, so pay us a visit at one of our locations sometime soon. We’d love to give you a taste of something new. 

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