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Waterfront Gourmet is Where You Should Go for the Most Delicious Catering in Center City

Whether it is for business or pleasure, planning an event is stressful. You’ve got to select a venue, decide about the décor and so much more. Then, there’s the food. How will you feed your hungry co-workers and friends? What about your vegetarian guests and picky eaters? Don’t forget about your budget. You want to create the perfect meeting or party and you want it to be sophisticated, but you want it to be reasonably priced too. The more you think about it, the more stressed out you get. You start wondering and worrying about how to do everything, and whether your event will be a success. Maybe you’ve even found the perfect location for your meeting, but you still don’t know what to do about the catering. You’ve asked around, you’ve searched, but you’re still just as confused as before and you can’t seem to make a decision.

So, what do you do?

Where do you go to find the best catering in Center City?

Well, you can now stop the searching and the stressing because the answer is simple. You should choose Waterfront Gourmet Cafe & Deli.

At Waterfront Gourmet, we can create a catered menu that will delight and satisfy your guests, no matter how big or small the crowd. They will go from hungry to happy when they see our delectable gourmet sandwiches, wraps, and hoagie trays. You can’t go wrong with our hearty, triple-decker club sandwiches, tasty BLTs, delicious smoked turkey sandwiches, Italian hoagies, and Philly’s favorite, the cheesesteak. Doesn’t a grilled chicken hoagie sound totally amazing, too? Yeah, we thought so, but we don’t just do sandwiches. When you choose Waterfront Gourmet for your catering needs, even those guests who are dedicated snackers or vegetarians will find something on our menu that they will love to munch on.


Because we’ve got just about everything – there’s gourmet cheese trays served with crackers and freshly baked bread, tasty chips and dips. How does a guacamole and salsa tray loaded with crunchy tortilla chips sound to you? It sounds delicious, right? That’s because it is. Then there is our hummus platter. We pile it with grilled pita bread and sliced tomatoes and cucumbers. It is a must for healthy and flavorful snacking, and we keep that nutritious and delicious theme going with our house salad trays with your choice of dressing, our fresh crispy veggie platters and dips, and our seasonal fruit salad trays.

At Waterfront Gourmet, we understand. We get it; we know you’re worried. Maybe you planned an early morning corporate conference and now you think everyone is going to be cranky. Well, you can stop worrying, because Waterfront Gourmet will take care of everything. Groggy guests will delight at the sight of our breakfast trays. Choose from bagels, cream cheese, and pastries or breakfast sandwiches and watch the crowd gather as the mood in the room brightens. Complete the meal with orange juice, or other fruit juices, and freshly brewed coffee from Illy, Italy’s finest roaster. When you’ve satisfied their caffeine cravings, your staff will be attentive and ready to get involved, and you can relax a bit.


With Waterfront Gourmet taking care of the catering, your event will just flow. You can start with our delicious veggie trays and platters, get some work done, then serve the gourmet sandwiches and work some more. When the conference is nearing its conclusion, you can bring out the dessert. Waterfront Gourmet will arrange a tray of brownies, cookies, coffee cakes, cupcakes, and chocolate dipped pretzels that look too good to eat. But don’t worry, everyone will dive right in and come back for more and more.

When it comes to catering in Center City, Waterfront Gourmet should be the only place you think of for a tasty deli-style meal. Our trays and platters are always fresh and always awesome. We work hard to create a premium meal made fresh to order. What’s more, we do free delivery for catering orders in Philadelphia and University City, but if you’d prefer to do the pick up that’s fine, too. We try to do everything we can to make your event as simple, convenient, and stress-free as possible.

So, how do you get started on a catering menu with Waterfront Gourmet?

It’s easy. Just contact the Waterfront Gourmet nearest to your event. We have locations in University City, Penn’s Landing, Roberts Center, and Dilworth Plaza. We will help you work out the meal plan that is best for your event and your budget. If you would like to know more about us and just how we do catering in Center City, just visit our website at or come on by for a sandwich or a snack. We’d love to see you. So come check us out. We’re so excited to get started catering the most delicious meal you’ve ever had.

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