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Waterfront Gourmet’s Favorite Breads for Deli Style Sandwiches



Waterfront Gourmet's Favorite Breads for Deli Style Sandwiches


We Are the Best Deli in Philly Because We Use Premium Bread in Our Gourmet Sandwiches


A deli-style sandwich is simply defined as some variation of cold cut meat wedged between two slices of bread; more gourmet options may include culinary accoutrement like cheese, pickled vegetables and dressings. To the masses, the deli meat is the star of the show. But, many gourmet sandwich connoisseurs pay attention to an often overlooked ingredient when deciding the true merit of a Dagwood – the bread. The proper choice of loaf is what differentiates a chain restaurant sandwich from the one made by the Best deli in Philly.


Waterfront Gourmet carefully chooses the type of bread we use for each of our deli-style sandwiches to create a truly mouthwatering frame for each bite. To help you better appreciate the floury, fluffy encasement of your next waterfront sandwich, we want to educate you a little about the loaves we use.


Waterfront Gourmet’s Favorite Breads for Our Deli-Style Sandwiches



Bread is the earliest form of complex, man-made food. The first loaves were made by crushing wild grains with rocks, combing the dust with water and heating over a fire. Since then, the art of baking advanced immensely. Now, there are hundreds of varieties of bread, all perfectly suited for different styles of deli sandwiches. Below are descriptions of our favorite types and the gourmet sandwiches they are best used for.


  • Rye – The iconic marbled loaf is created by carefully folding two variations of wheat and rye flour dough together before baking. This creates a complex, sharp and tangy flavor. The Reuben is the most well-known gourmet sandwich that utilizes this bread.

  • Sourdough – The fermentation of dough using naturally occurring microbes and yeast is the defining factor of this bread. Sourdough, as the name suggest, has a uniquely mildly and sour taste due to this natural chemical reaction which does not take place in other breads. The sour notes serve as a welcomed compliment to the decadent flavors of deli-style meats, so it is used for a variety of sandwiches.

  • Foccacia – This versatile Italian flat bread is similar to pizza dough with the addition of a few herbs, especially rosemary. Our favorite sandwich using this bread is the Gourmet Hot Italian.

  • Tortilla – An incredibly diverse culinary product of Mexican heritage. This flat disc can be made from various materials such as corn, flour and even veggies. We use a handful of colorful tortillas for our wraps.


Bread is not just a container for meats, cheeses and veggies; it is an incredibly important ingredient that impacts the taste and texture of gourmet deli-style sandwiches. We want you to appreciate these lovingly baked loaves as much as we do. So, next time you come in and visit us, pay a little more attention to the bread your sandwich is made with and we guarantee you will have a more satisfying dining experience.


Come into one of our downtown Philly locations or order online to find out how our bread helps us make the best gourmet deli-style sandwiches.

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