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We Are the Solution to Your Need for “Catering Near Me”

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Are you looking for “catering near me” and just can’t seem to find the right caterer to put some time back in your schedule and untie your hands from the myriad of tasks you need to accomplish every day? If so, you are not alone – there are tons of people looking for the same thing, week in and week out, and so many options that shopping through them all can be a bear.

Admittedly, a little bit of shopping can be a good thing because that’s how you end up with the partner for catering in Philadelphia that will meet all of your needs and provide an amazing experience for you and your guests. Even so, we’d love for you to give us the opportunity to show you how we define service and can change the way you think about catering services.

Always Fresh, Always Awesome!

Everything we do at Waterfront Gourmet is driven by our passion for food and service. In the menu we have crafted for our Waterfront Cafe and our other locations, we have taken great pains to create unique dishes that use a classic foundation while at the same time introducing unique, new flavors. In that way, we like to think that we create classics with a bit of a twist. In everything you try from our menu, there will be a little something to surprise you and captivate your tastes.

When it comes to catering, we pair our love of creating delicious, fresh food with our love of providing an unmatched level of customer service. For our customers who are thinking about looking for “catering near me,” this means that we can provide them with unique menus that take into account the needs and preferences of all of the guests involved.

What we create is not just fresh and delicious, as well as made largely from locally sourced ingredients. We also make it a point to cater to the needs of those with special dietary needs and restrictions. That’s one of the reasons that we offer so many unique dishes that are vegan, vegetarian, and even gluten-free.

That’s only a portion of what we do here at Waterfront Gourmet, and if you are interested in creating a new experience for your guests that will shatter their expectations of fresh, unique flavors, all you have to do is take a look through our catering menu!

Anytime, Anywhere!

In addition to serving a variety of unique needs and desires in tastes, we are proud to report that our catering services are the perfect solution for events that occur nearly anywhere in the area and at any time of day.

Are you looking at an upcoming meeting that is going to take place early in the morning? Perhaps you are even hosting a community event that will take place early in the day. If so, you can hardly get away without providing your guests with a little bit of refreshment, even if it is just some coffee and tea. If you happen to be looking for breakfast catering in Philadelphia, we can help you out. Like we said, whether it’s just some coffee you need or you want the works with bagels, breakfast sandwiches, and more, we can set you up to impress.

We also provide for lunch catering in the Philadelphia area, so whether you are looking at a backyard family gathering or an important corporate client meeting, we can help everything go off beautifully without a hitch.

You Name the Occasion!

In addition to breakfast and lunch catering, we are well prepared to extend our catering services to you for corporate events, holiday parties, birthday and other family gatherings, and much more. We handled many different types of catered events in the past and all you need to do to make it a reality is reach out to our team.

Not only can we help you put some time back in your camp while you are coordinating event planning or sending out invitations, but we can put some of your concerns to rest. Every order we prepare for our customers, whether it’s for an evening gathering, a company lunch, or even an early morning event, is prepared freshly to order on the day of the event. Our motto is “Always Fresh, Always Awesome,” and we fully mean to stick to that.

In addition, we make your life a little easier when it comes to catering delivery as well. That is to say, we don’t charge you a dime for delivery; we won’t even charge you a penny. Place an order with us and we’ll deliver your freshly prepared catered meal for free!

While you will come across many full-service catering companies in your search for “catering near me,” the difference with Waterfront Gourmet comes down to uniqueness, freshness, and service. Put it to the test the next time you are planning an event and you won’t be disappointed. Give us a call at one of our locations today and we’ll get to work for you!

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