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We Offer A Unique Experience for Breakfast Catering in Center City

Waterfront Gourmet is not just your favorite stop for healthy delicious meals that you can order online or by phone and get on the go. We also offer a totally unique experience for breakfast catering in Center City, Philadelphia. Our menu may be loaded with unique, vibrant offerings that you can try at any time of the day, but if you take us up on the catering services we offer you’ll be wondering why you didn’t do so earlier.

Look, no one wants to cook early in the morning, but everyone is looking to fill up one something delicious before starting their day. If you like to get up bright and early and get cooking, more power to you, but for most of you out there it’s probably a lot easier and more enjoyable to let the professionals (that’s us!) pick up the slack.

This is all the more important because breakfast is, without a doubt, one of the most important meals of the day, if not the most important. When you wake up, “breaking the fast” is crucial to providing your body and mind with the energy and nutrients you need to kickstart your day. Truthfully, it isn’t even all about the kickstart, but also about the fact that you are well provided with the energy you need to go about your day. If you skip breakfast, you’ll probably feel more tired and less focused later on in the day as well.

Breakfast is important; there’s no doubt about that, and if you’re looking for breakfast catering in Center City then you’ve just made the find of a lifetime – here’s why.

Healthy Delicious Offerings

Our mantra is “Always Fresh, Always Awesome” and we strive our utmost to stick to it. Whether your early morning event really just needs some fresh, delicious coffee by bali espressoTM or you need a full flight of freshly prepared breakfast sandwiches or even a tray of bagels, cream cheese and pastries to satisfy a crowd, we’re good to set you up for success on that special day.

On our menu, you’ll discover a ton of healthy, delicious offerings that never compromise. Full of flavor and often prepared with plant-based ingredients, we make it a point to keep your taste buds and your health-conscious initiatives well satisfied. We also offer a number of vegan and vegetarian options on our catering menu, along with gluten-free selections.

Made Fresh to Offer

Every catered order consists of meals and trays freshly prepared to order, in keeping with our dictum. When you order a breakfast tray from one of our locations to cater your breakfast meeting or other early events, you can be sure that it will be freshly made that day before we deliver it. There’s no corner-cutting here – we’re always fresh and we mean it, so if you want to treat yourself and your guests to a freshly made breakfast instead of something put together in advance, our breakfast catering in Center City is the ticket.

Local Ingredients

We also prepare our menu items from locally sourced ingredients, where possible. That gives us the ability to take greater control of our menu and gives us the opportunity to support the local economy. Plus, it also reduces our carbon footprint by diminishing the strain on associated supply chains – it’s a win for everyone involved.

Flexibility and Customer Service

Catering is one part food and one part customer service. We’ve illustrated how our delicious, healthy menu items make a difference so now let us shed some light on our customer service.

We treat each order with individual attention and prepare everything to order. Check our catering menu via the link above or check our standard menu before you give us a call – we’ll work with you to put together a catered order that appeals to all tastes involved, from the picky eaters to those with dietary restrictions and preferences.

Free Delivery

On the topic of customer service, how’s about the fact that catering needs to be delivered (or picked up) in order to work in the first place. At Waterfront Gourmet we take our service to the next level by offering free delivery! Just like no one wants to be cooking and preparing food early in the morning, no one needs to get up early to pick up and order, and no one needs to pay extra to have it delivered.

Give Us A Call to Learn More!

Check out our locations and call one of our opens restaurants a call to learn more about our catering services and what we can do to make servicing your next event easier. We’d be glad to hear from you and would love the chance to fill you in on some of the finer aspects of our menu items and on how we set the bar for breakfast catering in Center City.

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