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Wedding Catering

Always Fresh, Always Awesome!

Wedding Catering Center City

Anyone who’s married knows that planning that special day involves more stress than we’d like to admit! There’s nothing worse than getting that call from a friend about their food restrictions when you’re trying to juggle so many different things at once. Why not take a breather and choose an option that’s perfect for everyone? Waterfront Gourmet Café & Deli has a little bit of something for everyone, including vegetarians and vegans! With delicious salads, sandwiches, and party trays to choose from, you’ll have one less thing to worry about on the big day of your wedding!

Wedding Catering Philadelphia

We know that getting married can causes a lot of stress. Why don’t you let off some of that stress by getting your event catered with Waterfront Gourmet. Our catering menu has a wide selection of food everyone will love!

What’s great to pair with wine? Our cheese tray carries the best selection of cheese and crackers that will be the perfect addition to any glass of wine offered at your wedding!

Prep your guests with our specially prepared fruit and veggie trays. Our fresh picks are a healthy and tasty alternative to the candy options we’ve seen at weddings.

With Philadelphia weddings just around every corner, people are scrambling to get their weddings catered by the best food in Philadelphia. Waterfront Gourmet offers just that! Contact us today and lets get your wedding catered just the way you want!