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We’re Center City’s Favorite Deli Restaurant

It’s inevitable that you’re going to get hungry, so why don’t you choose a meal that will truly satisfy your cravings while providing you with some wholesome, hearty, filling and nutritious flavors? If that sounds good to you, then you need to try Waterfront Gourmet for everything that you’ve ever wanted in a deli cafe because do we ever have the sandwiches, soups, and salads that you’ve been looking for.

You see, we’re the Center City deli restaurant with the tastiest menu and we’re obsessed with creating exciting ways to blend deli classics with global flavors and sharing those delicious creations with you.

That’s why every sandwich that we make is loaded with premium ingredients that include the freshest veggies, finest meats, and gourmet cheeses. The same is true for our soups and salads. The fact is, you’ve really just got to come and see us and savor some of these incredible snacks, sides and, of course, our gourmet sandwiches.

Vegetarian Sandwiches Contribute to the Best Catering in Philadelphia

No matter the type of sandwich that you’re craving, we definitely have it here at Waterfront Gourmet. That means that whether you’re into Philly’s most beloved sandwich – the cheesesteak, – you’re looking for a healthy wrap, or you want a triple-decker club, we’ve got you covered. Then again, maybe what you fancy is a hearty and spicy burrito, maybe you’re hungry for a meaty and delicious panini, or you prefer a tasty Italian hoagie, or maybe it’s just something simple like a classic tuna melt that you’re after. Well, we can assure you that whatever kind of sandwich you love, we can make it for you, and so much more.

If you’re a vegan or vegetarian, we’re sure that you’ll be very pleased with our selection. That’s because there are plenty of sandwiches on the menu that are made just for your tastes. We know that you’ll love everything from our tofu subs and burritos to our veggie burgers, spicy veggie quesadillas, and paninis. We’ve got lots of salads, too. They range from vegetable and fruit blends that are ideal for vegetarians, and there are some hearty grilled chicken versions topped with extra bacon that are perfect for paleo or gluten-free dinners. The fact is, there’s really is something totally tasty at Waterfront Gourmet for every kind of dietary regimen and food craving.

That’s why we’re not only the Center City deli restaurant to visit when you want an incredible meal, but we’re also the place where so many in the Philadelphia area turn to for their catering needs. Whether it’s for a conference, meeting, seminar or for some other corporate event, or you need a delicious meal made for a wedding or party, we can do it. We will whip up tray after tray of delicious sandwiches, chips, and dips that include tortillas, salsa and guacamole, fresh veggie and hummus platters, and an assortment of dessert and seasonal fruit trays, and so much more.

We do everything that we can to prepare our trays just perfectly so that we provide you with the freshest, most beautiful, and the most delicious spreads around. What’s more, we’ll make sure that your event is exactly how you want it. When we are thoroughly satisfied that we have prepared your trays and platters to perfection, we will do the delivery to your party or meeting and take care of the setup. Or if you’d rather, you can come and pick up your catered meal at the Waterfront Gourmet nearest your event. We will do whatever is most convenient for you. It’s the reason that when you choose catering with Waterfront Gourmet, your guests will be totally impressed and your event will definitely be a success.

That’s what we’re about here at Waterfront Gourmet. We make sure that we do everything that it takes so that we make the meals that everyone loves and just can’t stop craving. Whether that includes a catered assortment of sandwiches and sides, or it’s just the everyday breakfast meal, lunch soup and salad, tasty dinner sandwich, or anytime snack.

We’re the Center City deli restaurant that’s here for you, no matter what you’re hungry for and no matter where you are in Philadelphia. Yes, whenever you’re hungry for Waterfront Gourmet, even if you’re not in the Center City, you’ll find us nearby on Penn’s Landing, in University City, at Roberts Center, and in Dilworth Plaza. So when you have an intense sandwich craving that just can’t be satisfied by a basic burger, check out Waterfront Gourmet. We really just can’t wait to cater to your cravings. Which means we’ll whip up a hearty sandwich loaded with the meaty, spicy, cheesy or fresh veggie fixings that you’ll love. We definitely will become your favorite Center City deli restaurant, so just come on by and eat with us today!

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