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What Our Catering Services Can Offer You

catering near me

While you may be shopping around for “catering near me,” you wouldn’t be doing so anymore if you had already had an experience with Waterfront Gourmet, either as a caterer or in one of our locations throughout the city of Philadelphia.

That’s because we change the way our customers think about catering. Sure, a caterer can save you time, but catering is expensive and you should really get value from what you pay for. Therefore, if you are hot on the chase for “catering near me” put the phone down and read this first. Here’s what we can offer you on top of the traditional catering experience.

Wonderful, Piquant Dishes with Refreshing Flavors

It’s all about the food, and it always should be. However, to some caterers, the quality of what they actually serve takes a backseat to the experience. We don’t believe it should, and that’s why we place the freshness and flavors of our food at the center of every single thing we do.

Our motto is “Always Fresh, Always Awesome,” because it always is. We use the freshest of ingredients every time we prepare any day, oftentimes using locally sourced ingredients, and we make it our mission to add a little unexpected twist of flavor into every dish we create. Take a look through our menu to learn more about what flavors you can expect from some of our dishes.

Attention to Dietary Needs

Something else we can provide you that is central to the tenet of customer service is the fact that we can cater carefully to the special dietary restrictions or preferences of your guests. Picky eaters, aside, there are some people who for medical or health-conscious reasons choose to follow a gluten-free diet or even a vegetarian or vegan diet.

We care about health, and that means we care about the health of our customers. That’s why we are proud to offer many of these types of meals and dishes throughout our menu. Visit it via the link about or call us at one of our Waterfront Gourmet locations to learn more.

Catering at Any Time of Day

We also cater to all different types of events, large and small, at any time of day. Some caterers specialize in lunch or dinner catering, but we offer not only lunch and dinner catering in Philadelphia but also breakfast catering as well.

So if your search has been somewhat more specific than catering near me, and it has been narrowed down to “breakfast catering near me,” keep in mind that we have you covered. No one wants to cook early on in the morning, yet everyone wants to eat.

Therefore you might want to have breakfast catering lined up and ready to go, especially if you are planning an event for the early morning. One more thing to note – we prepare every catering order freshly, the day of – not ahead of time, and not far in advance. When you place an order with us you can be confident that it was prepared freshly to order, even early in the morning!

We Cover A Variety Events

Whether you’re looking to find services for wedding catering or you want to have a corporate event catered, we’re just what you need. No event is too large or too small for us and we would love the chance to show your guests the fine dining experience they never knew was right around the corner.

We don’t just do large events like weddings and corporate client meetings, though. As we mentioned, while some corporate caterers may specialize, we specialize in flavor, service, and freshness. Everything else just comes naturally.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a Philadelphia catering company to take care of your special event, even if it’s just a small family barbecue catering event or holiday party, we’d be glad to help you out!

We Work with You

We mentioned a few times that service is central to our model, and we mean to stand by it. Part of that service means that we fully intend to work alongside you while we come up with a menu that will appeal not only to you but to all of your guests, special diets included.

Call us up to put together the perfect menu for your gathering and we will get right to work for you!

How Does Free Delivery Sound?

Here’s another thing; when you are looking to work with a caterer, the idea is to make your life easier, not more difficult. Catering, as we mentioned, is expensive enough, so we put some of that money back in your pocket by offering you free delivery on catered orders. That means no more delivery fees!

These are the things that set us apart from many other caterers, although of course by working with us you can also put time back into your busy schedule. Visit our locations above and give one of them a call today to learn more about what we can do for you!

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