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Why You’ve Got to Try a Sandwich from Philadelphia’s Best Waterfront Restaurant

We’re the Philadelphia deli cafe that can take care of every craving at any time of the day. Our menu is an ever-changing blend of deli classics, but what is constant is that we serve high quality, globally inspired sandwiches every day from morning to evening. Besides a selection of the best gourmet sandwiches in town, we’ve got a fresh array of tempting salads and soups and decadent desserts.

We’re known, too, for our latte, cappuccino, espresso, and cold brew that’s made from Bali Bean coffee company. This is the exquisite fresh brewed coffee that you just can’t get anywhere, but it’s the coffee you’ve just gotta have. So why not get it and your sandwich favorites at Waterfront Gourmet? Here’s every reason we’re the best Philadelphia waterfront restaurant that needs to be your mealtime go-to.


They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day so why not treat it that way? That means no more sorry breakfasts of sad stale bananas and boring cereal. Instead, you should come to Waterfront Gourmet, the waterfront restaurant that does breakfast the way it was meant to be.

Here, you will get a real, hearty sandwich that will fuel you for your busy morning. We’re talking about breakfast burritos, paninis, every kind of bagel that you can imagine, and so much more. We make sure that every sandwich we serve is grilled and filled to perfection with the freshest veggies, premium meats, and gourmet cheeses. So start the day delicious with Waterfront Gourmet.


Not to be outdone by breakfast, but this middle of the day meal is kind of a big deal, too. Yes, the afternoon slow down is real, but there is something you can do about it. When you’ve worked hard the whole morning, don’t you deserve something more for lunch than just a measly fast food burger? We think so. We also know that when lunch is over, you’ve still got much more to do in your workday, which means that you’re gonna need something hearty that’s gonna keep you going through meeting after meeting.

More importantly, if your lunch includes the very best sandwiches around from the very best waterfront restaurant around, it will make the day so much better and it will go by faster, too. Ok, maybe the day will only seem to go faster, but isn’t that what matters? The fact is, when you’ve had a satisfying lunch you know it’s only a few more hours until work is over and then it’s time for…


Are we suggesting that you choose Waterfront Gourmet for every meal of the day? Maybe we are. Look, if our awesome sandwiches, soups, and salads are your thing (and why wouldn’t they be?), then you should have them anytime you’ve got a craving. If that means breakfast, lunch, and dinner, then so be it. Plus, when you let us do dinner, you don’t have to cook after that busy day at work. Even better, you can bring home a delicious meal that everyone will love. Or if it’s just your hungry belly that you have to fill, then come and dine in for a super supper. Whatever you choose, it’s a win-win for you and your cravings.

You see, we’re just very passionate about food and we really do believe that you should dine the way you want when you want, and you should fill up with whatever it is that whets your appetite. Which is why the best time to visit Waterfront Gourmet is whenever you’re hungry for some of the most nutritious and filling sandwiches around, or when you’re craving the tastiest soups and the freshest salads. This is simple to do because wherever you are in the city, there’s a Waterfront Gourmet nearby.

So when you’re wandering the Philly waterfront and really want some good, hearty and delicious food, you’ll find that our Penn’s Landing restaurant has got you covered. When that shopping trip in Center City is making you tired, just stop by our Dilworth Plaza spot and get a hearty sandwich pick me up. If you’re a student who needs a delicious snack between classes, then stop on by our University City deli. Or when you’ve got a busy working day near Fitler Square, then come on in and see us for lunch at our Roberts Center location. You see, at every Waterfront Gourmet, we’ve got every kind of delicious sandwich you want, when you want.

We’re the tasty waterfront restaurant in Philadelphia that’s here for you 7 days a week. We can’t wait to see you; so come on by for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or anytime. We’ll whip up a sandwich that’s just what you’ve been hungry for that will satisfy every kind of craving.

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